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    How ozone therapy actually work. Find out here.

    Ozone Therapy Treatment


Inner Serv IconWhy Ozone Therapy is good for the Health of a Person?

  • Ozone is a colorless gas consisting of three oxygen atoms (O3) and medical ozone is prepared in clinics by using oxygen sources of medical grade.  it can be used as a supportive therepy in management of diabetes and thyroid.
  • Ozone Therapy boosts one’s antioxidant defense system within the body and beneficial in eliminating environmental/food related/metabolic impurities and toxins from the body via skin.
  • Various medical publications have also proven Ozone Therapy boosts one’s antioxidant defense system within the body.
  • It is helpful in chronic infections like bacteria, fungi and viruses
Ozone Therapy Machine
Ozone Skin Treatment


What is Ozone Therapy?

  • The oxygen present in the air cannot be used as it contains harmful gasses and dust particles which are harmful for the body. Therefore converting medical grade oxygen into ozone in clinic and using it in various treatments is called ozone therapy.
  • It is the process of administering Ozone gas into your body to treat a disease or wound.
  • It is administered through the skin and it helps to revive and rejuvenate the skin to a great extent..
  • It is safe, simple and painless
Ozone Water Treatment


How Ozone Treatment is given?

There are various routes to administered this therapy such as 1) Ear insufflation 2) vagina insufflation 3) I/Vozonated saline 4) major and minor auto haemotherapy 5) ozone steam sona bath 6) s/c injection 7) bagging 8) rectal insufflation of ozone etc. Each of the treatment takes only a few minutes. The procedure is painless and patients can talk cheerfully during the treatment. These sessions are given over two or three times weekly for total of about 10 to 15 sittings. It may be continued thereafter if needed. Ozone is administered through the skin for

  • Healing wounds and ulcers, surgical wound infections and diabetic ulcers
  • Treating disorder of the circulatory system
  • Fighting skin conditions like infections, bedsores, ulcers
  • Helping in cancer treatment
  • Treating Rheumatism, arthritis, backaches and spondylitis
  • Healing Cirrhosis, hepatitis and liver diseases, parkinson, memory impairments and brain disorders.


medical tests & full body analysis

  • In the present era of high health consciousness among youth, offering Ozone Therapy as preventive measure makes a lot of sense.
  • A skin specialist can help a patient understand the link between the symptoms they are facing and various probable oxygen deficient diseases.
  • Oxygen is an important factor to sustain life. Lack of adequate oxygen is known to promote cancer and many other medical diseases.
  • Intelligent Ageing, a renowned functional medicine clinic in New Delhi, measures the oxygen level in the body and has introduced Ozone Therapy (Ozone Detox bath) for the first time in Delhi-NCR.
  • Early diagnosis helps stabilize the condition, control the symptoms and even help cure the disease.
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Ozone Bath Treatment


mentorship from doctors

  • Ozone therapy plays a vital role in maintaining your well-being.
  • In an Ozone detox bath steam is given to open up the pores all over the skin which is followed by infusing 95% oxygen and 5% Ozone for 15-20 minutes inside a relaxing chamber.
  • This helps the cells and tissues of the body to thoroughly soak into the high concentrated oxygen atmosphere till they get sufficiently saturated leaving you re-energized, brighter & fresher than before.
  • Healing is prompted through both Ozone Therapy and Ozone Bath at the clinic.


24x7 Monitoring & Feedback

  • The Ozone Bath Therapy has a highly powerful healing action on the human body, proving beneficial in both healing and detoxifying the body.
  • We ensure judicious use of medical ozone and monitor the effects on a continuous basis.
  • Monitoring also helps the doctor understand the responsiveness of body towards medications and practices.
  • To speak to your life coach about Ozone Therapy & Treatment, please call @ 91-9899-022-703.
Dr.Lenny Da Costa


pannel of experts doctor for Ozone Therapy

Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

MBBS, PGDCD, DOSF Cosmetic Dermatologist & Wellness Specialist.

Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

Dr Aarushi Passi Bhandari, A Cosmetic Dermatologist and Wellness Specialist, with 7 years of Rich Association with leading Corporate Aesthetic chains, Private Cl...

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Dr. Lenny Da Costa

MBBS, DGM, FCMT (USA), MCCP, MSASMS, Consultant Geriatrician, Preventive Cardiologist and an Anti-Aging specialist

Dr.Lenny Da Costa

Dr. Lenny Da Costa

Dr Lenny Da Costa is a Consultant Geriatrician, Preventive Cardiologist and an Anti-Aging specialist. He did his basic MBBS from The Goa Medical College and comp...

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