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Our Process

Can the effects of ageing be reversed?

As demand for health care rises around the globe, it is indispensable to ponder over the consultation time. In developing countries, one of the major problems with their healthcare systems is short consulting time.  The scenario is same in both public and private hospitals.

“Shorter consultation times have been linked to poorer health outcomes for patients and a heightened risk of burnout for doctors,” researchers wrote in the British Medical Journal

As per an international study the consultation time vary from 48 seconds in Bangladesh to 22.5 minutes in Sweden on an average basis (Source: NDTV).

Our holistic approach includes tracking the root cause of the problem, addressing that concern and advising the best practices to reverse the effects of ageing.

Intelligent Ageing, a functional medicine approach, recognizes the root-cause of disease which is due to half a dozen lifestyle choices and is much more important than our genetic predisposition. In other words, while genes may ‘load the gun’, lifestyle ‘pulls the trigger’.

With Ageing, the DNA of our cells becomes progressively damaged, causing cells to become irreversibly aged and dysfunctional. Telomeres throughout the body shorten as we age and this underlying mechanism contributes to cardio-metabolic disease and further ageing.

Research from around the world shows that telomeres can actually be increased with certain lifestyle changes. Ageing is a dynamic process that can be accelerated or slowed and even resulting in increasing our lifespan. Telomeres can protect our chromosomes and keep us young.

At Intelligent Ageing, our Age Management Doctor and Lifestyle Coach will guide people with latest anti-ageing science and design a personalized program for their well-being.

Our 3M Process


A comprehensive health assessment is done as the first step on all patients who come to Intelligent Ageing.

  • During this step, a body composition analysis machine is usually taken into use, that tells about the degree of obesity, risk of diabetes, visceral fat, metabolic age, fat mass, body mass, muscle mass, etc.
  • If a patient has got a particular problem like diabetes, cardiac or thyroid, then initial tests are done according to the need and the care he needs.
  • Reports are checked, then assessment is done, and after which patients are counselled by experts of functional medicines, yoga and different therapies.


  • Here, the patient’s family background and medical history is entirely checked. And then it is figured out why he is prone to a certain disease
  • Next, the patient is counselled, and few tests and check-ups are suggested to him
  • Functional medicines, drips, exercises, food & nutrition, as required are suggested to the ailing person


With the help of a Health App and Anti-Ageing Software, doctors and life coach at Intelligent Ageing monitor and track the current status of the patient’s health. The App shows the real-time health information, which helps both doctor and patient keep on toes towards the optimum health.

With such modus-operandi, patients and their life coach 24x7, 365 days a year are aware of the health conditions and persistently work to improve it.

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