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Inner Serv IconWhy is it important to prevent heart disease?

  • Heart diseases can impact a person’s quality of life significantly as they have to live with the stress of this illness and knowing that it can result in a cardiac event if they exert themselves.
  • Many patients suffer from anxiety, fear, stress and even depression due to the emotional pressure and discomfort associated with the heart disease.
Heart Condition


What is a heart disease or heart condition?

  • Heart conditions are a disorder of blood arteries which supply blood to the heart.
  • Plaque accumulation in the arteries and blood vessels are the culprits behind heart conditions.
  • Cardiovascular diseases are chiefly responsible for death globally with an estimated 17.3 million deaths per year owing to heart problems.
  • Most common types of heart conditions include coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmia and other Cerebrovascular conditions like stroke.
  • People with obesity, insulin resistance, high cholesterol and blood pressure, unhealthy lifestyle or clinical depression are more susceptible to develop a heart condition.
Heart Diseases Treatment


How to treat heart diseases?

  • The first step is to identify potential risk factors associated with heart diseases, such as high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, obesity, family history, etc. and reverse the plaque build-up.
  • Those people more prone to developing a cardiovascular condition should make immediate lifestyle changes to prevent the condition from taking over them.
  • Proper guidance and consultation by health experts and doctors on requisite medications and even surgeries.
  • Holistic health’s programs and follow up sessions to eliminate risks of heart failure or stroke. IA heart care program include IV therapy,Proper dietary advice and exercise program which eliminate the requirement of surgery and also risk of heart failure/stroke.


medical tests & full body analysis

  • A heart specialist can help a patient understand the link between the symptoms they are facing and various probable heart conditions.
  • Heart diseases can be identified with tests ranging from physical assessments to MRI scans.
  • One of the most common ways to diagnose heart diseases is through an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, and carotid ultrasound and so on.
  • Early diagnosis helps stabilize the condition, control the symptoms and even help cure the disease.
Heart Care Mentorship


mentorship from doctors

  • Health care professionals and experts can help in managing the disease effectively.
  • Behavioral therapies to induce the patient to quit smoking, drinking and bad lifestyle choices.
  • Support groups and meditation therapy can also help in reducing the associated stress and anxiety of the disease.
  • Timely check-ups and analysis of reports by a physician is necessary to cut down the chances of an impending heart failure or stroke.
  • With proper guidance and mentoring heart conditions can be brought under control, if not completely reversed.


24x7 Monitoring & Feedback

  • ECG or EKG systems are employed to record the electrical activity of heart and archive the results that assist in monitoring the disease.
  • Any abnormalities if detected can be further investigated during routine screening of the test results.
  • Cardiac monitoring is essential in checking vital functions at short intervals and enables the physician to react promptly and efficiently to changes in patient’s health conditions.
  • Even after treatment, regular monitoring is needed to track heart activity and prevent further cardiac risk.
Heart Disease Monitor


pannel of experts doctor for Heart

Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

MBBS, PGDCD, DOSF Cosmetic Dermatologist & Wellness Specialist.

Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

Dr Aarushi Passi Bhandari, A Cosmetic Dermatologist and Wellness Specialist, with 7 years of Rich Association with leading Corporate Aesthetic chains, Private Cl...

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Dr. Lenny Da Costa

MBBS, DGM, FCMT (USA), MCCP, MSASMS, Consultant Geriatrician, Preventive Cardiologist and an Anti-Aging specialist

Dr.Lenny Da Costa

Dr. Lenny Da Costa

Dr Lenny Da Costa is a Consultant Geriatrician, Preventive Cardiologist and an Anti-Aging specialist. He did his basic MBBS from The Goa Medical College and comp...

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