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Why is a well-functioning gut essential for health?

  • A healthy gut helps in healing and protecting the brain, having huge positive impacts on its proper functioning.
  • The gut microbiome aids in food digestion and controls constipation, diabetes, and other health-related problems.
  • Poor gut health can give rise to a horde of health problems.
  • It is imperative to restore the full health of one’s gut to bring about major positive effects in the entire body from mood to memory to more.


What is the role of gut?

  • The gut is often regarded as the second brain of the body. About a 100 million nerve cells lie in the gastrointestinal tracts.
  • Gut plays a meaningful role in the immune system against pathogens and infections.
  • A healthy gut affects the body’s vitamin and mineral absorbency, digestion, toxin elimination, hormone regulation and even mental health.


How one can detect gut related issues? And achieve a healthy gut?

  • A health expert can aid in comprehending the contributing variables which are accountable for a poorly functioning gut.
  • With the help of gut analyzer systems, the health practitioner can accomplish a more accurate understanding of the situation.
  • An analysis of the microbes inhabiting in the gut can create a picture of the role they play in maintaining our health.
  • The experts can advise on a healthy diet do's and dont's which needs to be followed to achieve a healthy gut.


medical tests & full body analysis

  • A bowel transit time test can assist in discovering constipation as well as malabsorption of food inferring an imbalanced gut.
  • A Bristol stool form scale can likewise provide clues on potential gut disorders by distinguishing between abnormal and healthy bowel movements.
  • The frequency of bowel movement can also indicate problems with constipation or reduced ingestion.
  • The expert might also check for symptoms of gas, bloat, indigestion, heartburn, bad breath, mucus in stool, painful bowel movements and so on.


mentorship from doctors

  • The experts ensure that a diversified colonization of gut microbes takes place with the help of probiotic supplements and diet changes.
  • The ones suffering from a leaky gut can use advice from health professionals to understand and develop a plan of action.
  • The expert shall address the cause of chronic conditions like depression, fatigue, yeast infections, parasitic symptoms, etc. and tie it to the functionality of gut.
  • Dietary changes as suggested by the professional can prove to be a significant initial move towards gut health transformation.


24x7 Monitoring & Feedback

  • Time to time check-ups with the health expert can identify the role of microbes in our gut flora.
  • Periodic blood and stool testing may be adopted as a part of monitoring the gut health.
  • These test results change over time with changed diet and lifestyle choices.
  • In some cases, endoscopic tests may also be conducted periodically to evaluate potential or suspected gut diseases.
  • Proper follow-up therapies and continual monitoring can help eliminate the risks of colon cancer and other serious diseases in the gut.


pannel of experts doctor for Gut Health

Dr. Suresh Shottam

Member AHMA (American Holistic Medical Association)

Dr. Suresh Shottam

Dr. Suresh Shottam is a practicing clinician, researcher, certified de-addiction therapist, wellness coach, author, speaker and lecturer, who has lived and worke...

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Dt. Manjari Chandra

MSc – Dietitics / Nutrition, Diploma in Hospital Administration, Wellness coach, Clinical Nutritionist for 20 years

Dt. Manjari Chandra

Manjari’s passion for Nutrition Science and her versatility has enabled her to accomplish new heights in the field of health and nutrition. Having served as a ...

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Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

MBBS, PGDCD, DOSF Cosmetic Dermatologist & Wellness Specialist.

Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

Dr Aarushi Passi Bhandari, A Cosmetic Dermatologist and Wellness Specialist, with 7 years of Rich Association with leading Corporate Aesthetic chains, Private Cl...

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