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DT. Anita Lamba

DT. Anita Lamba

Sr.Nutritionist & weight loss expert.


  1. Graduation Institute of Home Economics Delhi University.
  2. Diploma in Public Health and Nutrition from Institute of Home Economics Delhi University
  3. Ed. From Mahanshi Dayanand University Rohtak

Experience of Working

  1. All India Institute of Medical Science Delhi
  2. Sehgal Nursing Home Delhi
  3. Batra Hospital Delhi
  4. Persmel Point Delhi

Specialized in

  1. Diet For Obese People
  2. Therapetic Diet For People Suffering From Different Health and Emotional Issues
  3. Writing Diet Related Article for all the leading Newspapers
  4. Giving Talks on Nutrition on TV and Redio


Navbharat Times Topics:

  1. Harmful effects of Chemicals Used on Food Production
  2. Precaution for those who keeps Rozas
  3. Harmful effects of Farting for a long period time
  4. How to Keep Kidneys fit
  5. Renal Diets

Time of India Student Edition Topics:

  1. Q&A by me
  2. Is dieting healthy for teenagers
  3. How to deal jealousy among Children

Speaking Tree Topics:

  1. Conscious eating
  2. How to keep yourself healthy

Interview on Doordarshan

  1. Tips for Good Health
  2. How to deal with infection during Monsoon

Programme’s on Radio

  1. Live on All India Radio—- Diet for children
  2. Momspresso Facebook Live—–Breast feeding

Written Bed Time Stories From Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji’s  Sakhis on Human values. Couple of Them already been published in Speaking Tree.


  1. Country Pride Award
  2. Prestigious Prerak Award
  3. Social service shradha sabin Award

Tarot Card Reader, Space Heater and Numerologist

  1. Programmes on FM 94.3 INDIA,
  3. Radio sur sangram canada

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