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Dr. Suresh Shottam

Member AHMA (American Holistic Medical Association)

Dr. Suresh Shottam is a practicing clinician, researcher, certified de-addiction therapist, wellness coach, author, speaker and lecturer, who has lived and worked in the United States for 30 years. He has been involved in the fields of wellness and complementary medicine for over 20 years.​

Living in New York provided Dr. Suresh the opportunity to learn many cutting-edge therapies straight from the masters and pioneers who made these breakthroughs.

He has also developed several therapies based on his own research. Dr. Suresh has taught these unique modalities to doctors, nutritionists, fitness trainers and performance coaches both in India and abroad through his lectures and writing.

Dr. Suresh has worked with people from many parts of the world in his wellness programs and has traveled extensively. In his role as a practitioner of integrated medicine, he has helped many cancer patients, heart attack victims, diabetics. Several doctors have turned to him for their own health issues.

Dr. Suresh is a published author, having written articles on wellness and alternative medicine in several magazines, newspapers and newsletters. He is frequently sought out for lectures, interviews and discussion panels on wellness in the media. He is active in the wellness community both at home and abroad.

Professional Affiliations

  1. Member AHMA (American Holistic Medical Association)
  2. Harvard Postgraduates Association
  3. American Academy of Ozonotherapy
  4. Member A5M (AustralAsian Association of Anti Aging Medicine)
  5. Member Ozone Forum of India

Social and Community Service

  1. Dr. Suresh has worked with battered women and children and has set up teams to establish shelters and rehabilitation programs in New York while living there.
  2. He helped establish an organic vegetable growers and consumers cooperative and created awareness programs to educate people on the importance of raw foods.
  3. Dr. Suresh has actively participated in international health fairs.
  4. He developed a network of doctors who offered low-cost and/or free services to the needy.
  5. Dr. Suresh participated in programs that focused on caring for AIDS patients who were without family
  6. In India, he has established a trust fund to treat poor cancer patients free of charge and also place old people abandoned by their families in old-age homes.

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