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    India to become Diabetic
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Inner Serv IconWhat is Diabetes?

  • Diabetes is a group of metabolic disorders that results in high blood sugar levels in an individual over a prolonged span of time.
  • There are two broad types of diabetes – Type 1 and Type 2. Around 10% people suffer from type 1 and 90% people suffer from type 2 diabetes.
  • Through the process of metabolism, our bodies digest food by breaking it down into the form of glucose.
  • Glucose is utilized by cells in the body for energy and growth.
  • For the glucose to be able to enter cells, insulin is required.
  • The increased blood sugar levels are either due to body cells’ inability to respond properly to insulin or either due to inadequate production of insulin by the pancreas, or both.
  • This excess sugar is left unused by cells and builds up in the blood stream to be eventually passed out in the form of urine.
  • Type 1 diabetes occurs when the body does not produce enough insulin.
  • Type 2 diabetes is caused due to insulin resistance or insufficient production of insulin.
What is Diabeties

Causes & Criteria

“A major cause of Type 2 Diabetes is a decrease in energy production. Human bodies make energy with metabolism. Aerobic metabolism is metabolism with oxygen. Inefficient aerobic metabolism results into energy deficit and degenerative diseases such as diabetes”.

  • Diabetes is caused due to a variety of reasons which vary depending on one’s genetic makeup, ethnicity, family history, environmental and overall health factors.
  • There is no defined cause or common factor which fits into each and every type of diabetes. This is mainly because the causes of diabetes vary from person to person depending on the individual and the type of diabetes.
  • Being prone to cardio-metabolic risk increases your chances of having diabetes.
  • Type 1 diabetes is caused due to an autoimmune reaction in the body. This reaction destroys insulin-making cells in the pancreas and may be caused due to viral/bacterial infection, chemical toxins or genetic dispositions.
  • Type 2 diabetes is multi-factorial and is highly linked to family history, obesity, bad diet or sedentary lifestyle. Increasing age, pregnancy or illness can also result in Type 2 diabetes.
What is Thyroid


  • Both Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes have few common tell-tale warning symptoms.
  • One of the most common symptoms of diabetes is frequent urination. An average individual needs to pee 4-7 times a day, but a diabetic patient urinates more and also gets thirstier more often. This is because due to the ineffectiveness of insulin the kidneys are not able to filter glucose from the blood stream. The kidneys instead take up water from the body to dilute glucose which ends up filling your bladder.
  • Frequent thirst is observed by diabetic patients since all the water from tissues and muscles are utilized for diluting the sugar in the bloodstream. This results in the body getting dehydrated and hence prompts one to drink more water, more frequently.
  • Lack of insulin may trigger feelings of intense hunger as the body is not able to convert food into glucose.
  • Since sugar is pre-requisite for body’s energy levels, lack of insulin can lead to fatigue which ranges from feeling tired and listless to feeling extremely exhausted.
  • A diabetic person experiences tender gums which can be swollen or red and cause the teeth to become loose due to gum pull away. Also, they experience gum diseases and gum infections more frequently.
  • Blurred vision tends to occur in case of an abnormally high blood sugar level in the body. Blurred vision is mainly due to changing fluid levels in the system which can shift into the eye duct.
  • Type 2 diabetes diabetic patients experience slow healing of wounds like cuts and scrapes due to the impact of high blood sugar levels on the white blood cells.
  • Many Type 1 diabetes patients may experience a sudden and unexplained loss of weight despite feeling hungry and eating constantly. This is mainly due to body’s response to utilizing alternate forms of energy like protein and fat stores within the body.
  • Many women with diabetes experience a higher probability of getting vaginal yeast infections or urinary bladder infections which is frequent and difficult to recover from.
  • Some diabetic patients experience numbness or a tingling sensation in their hands or feet since too much sugar in the blood stream may damage tiny blood vessels that in turn feed nerves.
  • In case of Type 2 diabetes around half of the cases goes undetected and undiagnosed since the symptoms progress very slowly and are very mild.

In case if you are suffering from any of these symptoms, consult Intelligent Ageing – Diabetes Specialist in Delhi/NCR

What is Diabeties

Diet & Treatment Programs

  • The primary aim of diabetes treatment is to control blood sugar levels within reasonable levels and as close to normal levels as possible.
  • Blood sugar monitoring is an essential part of the treatment plan to keep a check on the blood sugar levels so as to ensure that they are within the target range.
  • Physical activity lowers blood sugar levels, and hence a combination of exercises is recommended for overall treatment. Weight reduction and increased movement boost the body’s sensitivity to insulin and in turn help lower down the sugar levels in the blood stream.
  • A diet loaded with fibre and low in fat including lots of fruits and vegetables is recommended for people with diabetes. Food items with low glycemic index are ideal to be consumed since they raise the levels of blood sugar more slowly in comparison to those items having a high glycemic index.
  • Treatment of Type 1 diabetes is a daily task and involves a strict regime that includes a carefully planned diet, increase exercise, and insulin injections to be administered as and when required.
  • The treatment of Type 2 diabetes can be managed with reduction of weight, controlled diet plan and lifestyle changes. IA Delhi Clinic can guide and help you with this by drawing up the overall treatment approach and ensure its implementation.
How to Prevent

What is Intelligent Ageing offering for Diabetes Treatment?

  • Both Type 1 and type 2 diabetes treatments require regular blood sugar level check-ups and administration of effective treatment in response. With latest strategies and tools and eminent diabetes specialist in Delhi under one roof, we can together take steps for monitoring your condition, put a stop to grave complications and leave you feeling while going on in life with diabetes at your convenience in our diabetes clinic in Delhi.
  • Distinguished diabetes specialist in Delhi NCR draws a comprehensive blood profile of the diabetic patient which can be used for evaluating various effects of diabetes on the body for immediate action and even acts as a record for the future perusal of your case history.
  • Next, we measure blood sugar levels through random and fasting blood sugar methods. A random blood sugar test is taken from blood that is drawn randomly at any point of the day. A fasting blood sugar test is however conducted when the patient has fasted for eight hours before the test. Blood glucose numbers are checked for both type 1 or type 2 diabetes treatments and reveal the effectiveness of treatment procedures.
  • Blood glucose monitoring helps understand the triggers of high glucose levels and the results of the medicines. By regularly monitoring blood sugar levels, we aim to provide you with freedom in your lifestyle by analyzing patterns of low or spiked glucose levels. This helps in developing a practical plan for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes treatments with a far better approach and includes analysis of patterns and a study of what works by eliminating what does not.
  • One important step in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes treatments involves checking up on all other ancillary or related problems/diseases that the diabetic patient is suffering from. All round check-ups including blood pressure, cholesterol, BMI, retinal & dental etc. are an essential part of the treatment plan and you will get all of these at our diabetes clinic in Delhi.
  • A diabetic patient has to strictly maintain proper nutrition and include workouts in their day to day life. A proper diet and exercise regime is developed by our specialists depending on the needs of an individual’s case. The exercise program is suggested only after a thorough medical evaluation by best diabetes doctor in Noida.

Intelligent Ageing – Best diabetes doctor in Delhi

  • It is imperative to maintain a healthy body weight especially if a person is struggling with diabetes. There are no “one-size-fits-all” diets for type 1 and type 2 diabetes treatments. Depending upon case to case basis, a diet program is advised by the doctors for the patient’s wellbeing. This involves suggestion of food items; break down of meals into healthy portion sizes and the establishment of the frequency of eating throughout the day.
  • Cleansing therapy through the administration of electromagnetic detoxification cleanses the system and enhances the body’s metabolic process. 12 cycles of electromagnetic detox are given to the diabetic patient by us so as to improve cell permeability, improved oxygenation and blood circulation.
  • Most of the patients suffering from diabetes are either not aware of the gravity of their condition or seek answers to various questions and concerns they might be having. We organize 6 sessions for consultation with top rated diabetes specialist doctor in Noida for the benefit of our patients so that an informed approach is taken.
  • Our diabetic treatment and care plan ensure that the patient always stays on totheir health with the help of using software and app. This helps a diabetic to track their health levels at all times with ease and always aim for constant improvement.

Type 2 Diabetes can be dealt with effectively and can be reversed also with various natural means.Intelligent Ageing, a premium health clinic follows 3 M process – Measure, Mentor & Monitor to track the health level persistently and nip the problem at its bud.

Detoxification with Oral Chelating Agent& mitochondrial energy enhancers using Nutraceuticals Ozone Bath & Ozone therapy is required for improving overall tissue oxygenation.We measure the oxygen &carbon dioxide content you inhale and exhale while at rest, and while you exercise. We help the body return to burning fat as the primary energy source by following the customized diet plan and lifestyle changes,For receiving comprehensive care, please visit IA Delhi clinic and get a consultation with our diabetes specialist in Delhi NCR.

Control Blood Sugar
Heart Attack Symptoms

IA Packages

Reverse Diabetes Program

Duration: 6 months

  • Consultation with the Doctor: 6 consultations with renowned diabetes specialist doctor in Noida.
  • Head to toe Evolution: A complete physical exam is conducted for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes treatments and includes measurement of height, blood pressure check, pupil response check, thyroid gland check while swallowing, blood flow check-up, skin condition check, a check on the nervous system by observing reflexes, feet check for sores and decreased sensation etc.
  • Monitoring by Life Coach: Our exceptional blend of innovative technology and proficient health coaching endows the patient with a highly personalized experience that pushes a positive and long-lasting behavioral modification which delivers results.
  • Comprehensive Blood Panel: A comprehensive blood panel is conducted and checked upon by one of the best diabetes doctor in Delhi so as to get insight into the various aspects of controlling glucose for both type 1 and type 2 diabetes treatments.
  • Body Composition Analysis: A body composition analysis entails a string of tests to assess the ratio of various tissues that our bodies are at present made up of. This analysis takes upon by our team which consists of best diabetes doctor in Delhi and can be an eye-opener especially because they expose the percentage of water in the body, the ratio of fat to lean muscle tissue, body mass index (BMI) or the body’s metabolic rate (BMR). Various other ratios that are measured include visceral obesity index, hydration index, metabolic age, resting metabolic rate, muscle mass, and bone mass evaluation.
  • Contour Analysis: A contour analysis is administered by one of the best diabetes doctor in Delhi so as to assess the patient’s vascular age, the percentage of endothelial dysfunction, and the establishment of ageing index and stress index.
  • Heavy metal toxicity and a mineral scan are undertaken in the diabetes treatment in Noida so that the levels of essential minerals and harmful toxins can be established to take corrective measures.
  • Ankle-brachial index is carried out to measure the ratio of blood pressure at the ankle to the blood pressure in the brachium or upper arm. The test results are then analyzed by one of the best diabetes doctor in Noida and help understand how effectively blood is flowing into your limbs and can help detect if there are any narrowed arteries.
  • A pulse wave analysis test is conducted to measure each and every pulse to understand the elastic properties of the arterial wall to detect if there is any stiffness or not. It is an effective test to detect any impending heart condition and is carried out under the diabetes treatment in Noida.
  • Before undertaking a plan for type 1 and type 2 diabetes treatments, a sarcopenia evaluation is undertaken by Ms. Manjari Pillai, a renowned diabetes doctor in Delhi. This assessment helps establish whether the skeletal muscle mass is at normal levels or not.
  • Low by Mr. Deepak Pal including recipes
  • 6 cycles of Alpha lipoic acid or ALA injections are given to reverse/ halt the complications of diabetes as it helps in increasing insulin sensitivity and also helps with diabetic neuropathy.
  • 12 cycles of electromagnetic detox are given to the diabetic patient by us so as to improve cell permeability, improved oxygenation and blood circulation.

COST: Rs. 30,000


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Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

MBBS, PGDCD, DOSF Cosmetic Dermatologist & Wellness Specialist.

Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

Dr Aarushi Passi Bhandari, A Cosmetic Dermatologist and Wellness Specialist, with 7 years of Rich Association with leading Corporate Aesthetic chains, Private Cl...

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Dr. Lenny Da Costa

MBBS, DGM, FCMT (USA), MCCP, MSASMS, Consultant Geriatrician, Preventive Cardiologist and an Anti-Aging specialist

Dr.Lenny Da Costa

Dr. Lenny Da Costa

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