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What is Ozone Bath Therapy?

Ozone Bath Therapy - Intelligent Ageing

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The environment we live in nowadays is plagued with environmental issues that are constantly on the rise, be it pollution or contamination of food sources with pesticides. Humans are being bogged down by a variety of ailments including cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, lifestyle disorders, autoimmune disorders and what not.

We thus are in need of multi-disciplinary approaches that can help us deal with these complex disorders at their primary levels. The ozone bath therapy is one such practice that impacts several issues at a time.

Medical Ozone (Three atoms of oxygen) is made with medical grade oxygen in clinic for body and various skin treatments. Oxygen is the most vital element for our well-being.

What does ozone bath therapy mean?

Ozone bath therapy refers to a special steam sauna that has ozone introduced in it. The goals of this bath is to combine the oxygenation and detoxification aspects of both ozone therapy and sauna, to provide health benefits to the individual taking the bath,  as the ozone gets transdermally absorbed in their bodies.

Reports and recent medical studies state that the reason behind a lot of illnesses is lack of proper oxygenation at a cellular level in humans. Improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle leads to toxin build ups in the body that in turn encourages bacterial and viral growths.

The Ozone therapy has been known to contain beneficial and highly effective healing actions, and the Ozone bath therapy is one of the best ways to administer it. This ozone therapy enhances the level of oxygen in the working environment, increases your vitality in general, and also improves your immune system. 

Why combine ozone therapy with sauna?

Enhance the quality and appearance of skin

The ozone sauna therapy forms a significant part of detoxification routines.  An ozone sauna therapy, by stimulating sweat glands in the skin, actually improves its eliminative and detoxifying ability. It also enhances the texture and tone of your skin by improving blood circulation. 

The humid heat from the steam saunas opens up pores, allowing the sauna to be taken in by the skin, and then travel through the bloodstream to lymph and fat tissues. The ozone bath serves as the easiest and the most convenient method of cleansing lymph tissues of toxins.

Medical Benefits

Stimulates immune system – Ozone in the body activates white blood cells which in turn stimulate the body’s immune system, helping fight chronic illnesses.

Rejuvenation – Ozone increases the production of high energy compounds which are responsible for making you feel energetic and rejuvenated.

Deactivates fungi and bacteria – Lower life forms such as these, due to their lack of an anti-oxidant defence system, cannot sustain in the presence of oxidants such as ozone.

Healing and repair – Ozone induces the production of certain substances that aid in healing and repair. Hence, this therapy is very useful in case of ulcers, non-healing wounds, bed sores, ulcers and so on.

Treatment of circulatory disorders – The therapy improves glucose metabolism in the Red Blood cells which helps treat circulatory insufficiencies.

For a long time now, people have been utilizing the healing benefits of steam and sauna. In the modern times, experts have devised ways in which more chronic ailments can be treated by combining sauna with ozone therapy. Ozone bath therapy, in that direction, has achieved a high level of efficacy which makes it highly preferred for many. As ozone blanket in atmosphere is protecting us from ultra violet rays of the sun, likewise that medical ozone protects us from health problems.

To know more about this therapy or treatment Call @ 91-9899-022-703.

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