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What Is Anti-Ageing Treatment

Anti-Ageing Facial - Sens

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Your skin can go through a great deal because of the sun and years gone by. The initial sign of skin damage is referred to as Photo aging. Also, if your skin gets exposed to such a repeated exposure, chances of getting skin cancer increases. If one undergoes an anti-ageing treatment for photo aging, the skin becomes more youthful and also decreases the risk of getting skin cancer and pre-cancers. So, to reduce the signs of ageing, one can undergo anti-ageing treatment. Read on to know more about anti-ageing, how an anti-ageing treatment can help you in the long run and also to have complete knowledge related to anti-ageing at your disposal.

Look Out For These Anti-Ageing Signs

If you intend to go for anti-ageing treatment, the following signs will get addressed in that treatment:

  • Decreased skin elasticity
  • Occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Increased redness because of the dilation in blood vessels
  • Increased translucency, resulting in a more show of veins
  • Creation of rashes and bruises due to trauma
  • More dullness and radiance loss
  • Pigmentation disorders like uneven pigmentation and age spots
  • More and more skin dryness

Types Of Anti-Ageing Treatments

If you go to an anti aging treatment in Delhi or some other place for that matter, you will see on visiting an anti-aging treatment clinic that there are different types of anti-ageing treatments. The types are listed below in detail:


Photoaged skin can be treated by retinoids which is regarded as being a breakthrough discovery for anti-ageing treatment. They work towards treating the discoloration of skin and fine wrinkling by increasing the production of collagen that is naturally occurring in nature.  


Lasers help in vaporizing the sun-damaged top layer of the skin. This process leaves behind a softer and smoother skin. The pinpoint accuracy of lasers works best for sensitive skin, for instance, the areas surrounding the eyes. 


In the process of dermabrasion, a rotating metal brush is used to smooth out surface irregularities by abrading the skin’s upper layer. The skin layers are removed by a mild acid solution.

Benefits Of An Anti-Ageing Skin Treatment

If you go through an anti-ageing treatment and especially an anti-ageing treatment in Delhi at an anti aging treatment clinic, you will see how such a treatment will benefit you in the following ways:

  1. On erasing signs of ageing to an extent, there is an increase in social confidence. This notion has also been tested by scientists as well. There was a study conducted where it was seen that women who had undergone sun damage and because of it looked older, felt somewhat anxious and not at ease. But after undergoing treatment at an anti-aging treatment clinic, they felt that the insecurities vanish after the rejuvenating treatment.
  2. A positive effect can be created by the treatment over your health. If you feel better, you instantly feel good about your appearance, this, in turn, makes you more active socially. It is a known fact that connecting with more people helps you to build good relationships and you get physically and psychologically healthier. This can also drive you towards doing things better in life and also motivate you to exercise more.

So, now you know the types and benefits of anti-ageing treatment and exactly what an anti-ageing treatment is about. To get a younger looking skin, you can consult a licensed dermatologist so as to know what treatment will work best for you.   

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