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What Health Problems Can Obesity Lead To

Obesity Treatment

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As per the World Health Organization, in the year 2016, about 650 million people were suffering from obesity worldwide. The problem of obesity in humans has tripled across the globe since the year 1975. Out of the existing obese population in the world, a major portion is from India alone and the numbers are continuously rising.

 Understanding Obesity – It Is Not Just About Being “Fat”

Obesity is a growing problem and there are still a good number of people who are not aware of its particulars. Many are of the view that obesity refers to an increase in weight, which is not entirely true. Obesity is a serious and insistent disorder that can prove to be greatly damaging to your overall health.

According to top obesity doctors in Delhi, unlike being overweight, which refers to an abnormal increase in body weight, obesity is an excessive increase in body fat. An individual’s body is made up of various elements, such as lean body mass (muscle, organs, and bone), fat, and water. The Body Mass Index or BMI is a more accurate method of differentiating between obesity and being overweight and is often brought into use by some of the best obesity doctors in Delhi.

Body Fat Analyzer is a wide practised statistical measurement of an individual’s body weight. Follow the directions carefully and it gives you fairly accurate readings over time

Obesity does not happen abruptly. Individuals develop this condition gradually, over time. If ignored, obesity can lead to major health issues.

What Causes Obesity?

Now, a lot of factors including those that are genetic, hormonal, and behavioral in nature can affect one’s body weight. Obesity can be caused due to a single or a combination of these factors. Some of the most common yet significant risk factors for obesity are –

  • Sedentary lifestyle – A sedentary lifestyle is basically one which involves a lot of inactivities. The explanation behind this could be anything from laziness to desk-bound jobs. Since an active lifestyle also aids you in calorie consumption, lack of activity will directly lead to the building up of calories.
  • Unhealthy diet – One of the biggest reasons behind a drastic increase in body fat is the consumption of fat-rich, unhealthy food. People consuming fried, salty, high-calorie food items, is not unusual. Frequent consumption and oversized portions of such food items contribute greatly to obesity.
  • Improper sleep – People who have improper sleeping habits are more prone to suffering from obesity. The reason behind this is that when you sleep too much or too little, it interferes with the hormones in your body, which in turn causes an increase in your appetite. This is why when sleep-deprived, people crave calorie-rich food.
  • Social and economic factors – Economic conditions and social environment or the surroundings that people live in can also lead to obesity. Health-boosting food items are generally costlier than fast food in the market, which makes it difficult for everyone to afford these. Again, people who live in areas that lack safe spaces for playing or exercise may also have poor physical health.
  • Stress – As per experts from top obesity clinics in Delhi, stress is also a precursor of obesity. In case of stress, an individual’s body releases a stress hormone, cortisol, which activates the release of fatty acids and relocation of fat cells in the abdomen. When stressed, people, therefore, tend to make poor food choices.
  • Medical problems – Often times, there is an underlying medical cause to people suffering from obesity. Chronic health issues, such as arthritis, limit easy movement in people. Other disorders, such as Cohen syndrome and Prader-Willi syndrome may also lead to obesity in people.
  • Genetics – Obesity in some cases can be genetic in nature. People with one or both parents suffering from obesity are disposed to obesity themselves. Experts from obesity clinics in Delhi explain that our genes also affect the distribution and storage of fat in the body.
  • Drugs – Increase in body mass can also be a side-effect brought about by the consumptions certain types of medication. Drugs such as anti-depressants, anti-seizure medicine, steroids, antipsychotic medications, and birth control pills are a few medicines that are known to have such results.


What Can Obesity Do To You?

  • Type-2 diabetes (adult-onset) – People suffering from obesity, run the risk of developing type-2 diabetes too. The longer the duration and degree of the disease, the higher are the chances of type-2 diabetes. Type-2 diabetes affects people with central obesity (excess fat around the waist).
  • Insulin resistance – Insulin is a hormone released by the pancreas. After you consume a meal, the secretion of insulin in your body increases the acceptance of glucose in the fat and muscles and lowers the production of glucose in the liver to achieve a balance. But when people over-consume, the reaction of the body towards glucose becomes weak, leading to a condition known as insulin resistance.
  • High cholesterol – People who are obese have higher levels of triglycerides or bad cholesterol. High HDL can also lead to chronic heart conditions, including heart attack and stroke.
  • High blood pressure – Also known as hypertension, it refers to increased pressure exerted by the blood, on the walls of the heart. People with obesity have increased fatty tissues which also elevates vascular resistance. Therefore, their hearts are compelled to work harder to pump blood to various parts of the body.


Treatments for obesity can differ from patient to patient. While doctors suggest dietary and lifestyle changes for prevention and obesity treatment in Delhi in the initial stages, in extreme cases, surgical treatments may be required.

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