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What are the symptoms & precautions of a brain tumor?

Brain Tumor Precautions

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A brain tumor occurs on the formation of a mass of abnormal cells in the brain; tumors are primarily classifieds into two categories malignant and benign. Brain tumors are the most common cancer among the age group of 0-14 and the 3rd most common among the age group 15-39. There are about 140 different kinds of tumors that can take form in the brain, ranging from primary to secondary – depending on the location where they form. Let us take a look at a few symptoms and precautions, to understand how we can diagnose it at an early stage and as well how to prevent from getting brain cancer:


Headaches are the most common manifestations of a brain tumor. One may encounter headaches on waking up in the morning, or while sleeping or headaches made worse on sneezing, coughing or exercising.
Seizures or convulsions that have newly onset can be as a result of tumor formation in the brain.
Speech difficulties observed in patients who are suffering from a brain tumor. When a tumor develops on the left hemisphere of the brain, then you will find challenges while verbal interaction, as the left side of the brain, is subjected for the communication in humans.
Nausea/Vomiting especially early in the morning with no association to any other probable reasons might be suggestive of a brain tumor.
Changes in vision such as blurry/tunnel vision may signal a potential brain tumor.
Loss of motor skills like coordination, movement or balance and visible weak facial muscles indicate a brain tumor.


Risk Awareness

Various factors like age, genetics, radiation exposure or risks of current cancer metastasizing into brain cancer have to be assessed carefully. Those individuals prone to susceptibility should keep track of potential symptoms and get regular medical check-ups. Inherited conditions like multiple endocrine neoplasia and neurofibromatosis carry a high risk for development of brain cancer.

Limit Radiation Exposure

Ionizing radiation present in atomic/nuclear facilities and even some cancer treatment therapies are required to be kept at bay to diminish one’s risk of getting brain cancer. One can also cover themselves to limit exposure to ultraviolet radiation of the sun, which is also linked with brain cancer. Chemicals like vinyl chloride emitted from industries have also been established as a risk factor for brain cancer.

Reduced Alcohol and Cigarette consumption

Alcohol can damage the liver which can in turn metastasize and spread to the brain through the bloodstream. Lung cancer due to excessive smoking can work its way to the brain as secondary cancer. Shunning away drinking and smoking habits can be a significant precautionary step towards brain cancer.

Nutritious Diet

Lowering cholesterol intake and having a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help in keeping the risk of brain cancer in check. Nutritional habits followed by pregnant women during fetal development can also lower the risk of developing brain cancer in the child.


Physical fitness plays an important role when it comes to warding off brain cancer. A regular fitness regime can improve blood circulation in the organ and halt the onset of the disease.

According to recent studies, approximately 0.6% of people will get diagnosed with a brain tumor at some point in their lives. Various preventive measures may or may not promise a guaranteed prevention from the deadly disease, but it sure might help in minimizing the risks.

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