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What are the Symptoms of Leaky Gut and How Do You Cure It?

Symptoms of Leaky Gut

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Leaky gut, as the name suggests, is a difficulty that occurs when the intestine can’t contain the food that passes through it anymore. In a healthy person, the intestine’s lining is sturdy and prevents food particles, toxins, and microbes from exiting the intestine and entering in other parts of the body. When a person suffers from leaky gut, however, the intestine’s lining will be damaged, causing the food particles, etc. to escape. Once these particles leave, the immune system of the person will treat them like a foreign invader and begin to ‘attack.’ The lining can be destroyed due to a variety of reasons including stress, age, and diet.

Common symptoms of leaky gut include:

  • Food allergies: An individual might develop sensitivities to one or more food items.
  • Digestive problems: Frequent bouts of diarrhoea, gas, Irritable Bowel Syndrome or bloating.
  • Weak immune system: An individual start falling sick very frequently.
  • Mental issues: Common effects of leaky gut include depression, ADHD, or mood disorders.
  • Diabetes: Scientists have discovered a connection between the microflora in people with leaky gut, and those with diabetes and the conditions of both tend to improve with insulin.
  • Candida overgrowth: If candida is present in the body in small amounts, it is healthy, as this bacteria is essential for proper digestion. If you have leaky gut, however, it could lead to candida overgrowth, which in turn causes a host of other problems.

There are many more symptoms, but as you can see, none of them is so distinct that it could rule out the possibility of other problems and lead a doctor directly to leaky gut as the cause of your problem.

What is the cure to leaky gut?

  • Cut out damaging foods: Certain foods like meat, sugar and dairy foods contribute to leaky gut. It is imperative to replace these eatables with those foods that will heal your gut naturally.
  • Eat healthy: Many foods will help your condition. These include foods that are high in probiotics like yogurt, sprouted seeds like chia or flax seed and coconuts.
  • Remove toxins: We consume things which are toxic for our gut without even knowing it like the water we drink if it is treated with too many chemicals, it will cause harm and even the antibiotics and painkillers which we take for instant relief can also lead to leaky gut.
  • De-stress: For many people, the intestine’s lining gets ruptured due to stress. For this reason, changing your lifestyle and managing your stress is a key element not just to control your leaky gut but to give your weakened immune system time to heal.
  • Take supplements: On the advice of your doctor, take multivitamin supplements. If food is escaping from the intestine, then the body won’t be able to extract nutrients from it, and the individual will start suffering from malnutrition. To put one’s body healthy, he will need to make up for the nutrients lost.

Not only following these rules help in reducing the leaky gut, but it is although a healthier lifestyle to embrace in general. After you adhere to these steps rigorously, you might just also figure out the answer to the question how to cure diabetes naturally!

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