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What are The Symptoms of a Silent Heart Attack?

Symptoms of a Silent Heart Attack

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Even though we hear regarding the heart attacks every single day, we, unfortunately, don’t realize just how consequential a risk it is for us. It is imperative to comprehend about the indications of a heart attack and prepare ourselves to deal with it. We should not wait until actual heart attack strikes, especially when one can figure out how to cure heart disease without surgery. Read on to discover about the signs of a heart attack.

Chest Pain

The most well-known symptom is chest pain. If one senses a discomfort in the left side of the chest or even in the arm, do not make a mistake of taking it casually. Several people make the blunder of dismissing the discomfort if it subsides after a while. Chest pain is one of the significant symptoms of a heart attack. Even if the pain keeps occurring and fading intermittently, one should immediately rush to the specialist for medical supervision. Moreover, people expect a debilitating uneasiness, which might lead you to collapse. But, in actuality, heart attacks are not as dramatic as you might see on TV. Instead, you may experience pressure or even feel as you are having acidity.

Body Pain

Don’t assume merely the chest is going to start pounding in the event of a heart attack. A heart attack can also affect both the arms, head, neck, and shoulders. Be wary of a sudden jaw pain or a toothache as well. In a first glance, it may seem irrelevant with the heart, but, one should always remember that the whole body is interconnected. If one should ever experience a high or mild pressure on the upper torso as there is a considerable weight placed upon it, seek help quickly, this can also be a potential symptom of a heart illness. Additionally, don’t wait for chest pain to accompany these symptoms, it is possible that they might occur in isolation without any pain in the chest. Take heed, nonetheless. It might just save your life.

Fast Breathing

If an individual is experiencing a sudden shortness of breath, it is a clear sign of a heart attack. Rapid breathing can occur regardless of whether you were doing strenuous activity or not. It may even come before the other symptoms or after them. The related indication is that the heart will suddenly start beating faster or irregularly.

Additional symptoms of a heart attack include feeling nausea, getting dizziness or vomiting. Women, in particular, might feel fatigued in the days following up to a heart attack. While taking notes of these symptoms and acting fast when one experiences any of the mentioned signs will be the quickest way to handle a heart attack, there are also several steps one can take to diminish the prospect of a heart attack.

For instance, one should take at least an hour to de-stress. Whether it’s meditation, painting, playing with your pet or listening to soothing music, one needs to indulge in any of the relaxing activity every day for at least an hour. An individual should also need to perform exercise regularly and eat healthy food. One should also require figuring out whether there have been any incidents of heart disease in the family, if exist, he should consult the doctor to find out whether they are at risk too.
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