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These 5 Signs Could Spell Heart Trouble

Heart Treatment

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Heart diseases, also known as cardiovascular diseases, today kill more numbers of people than any other ailment or calamity. With genetic, dietary, and lifestyle issues being some of the most common risk factors for heart diseases, the huge multitude of people suffering from one or the other kind of heart disease comes as no surprise.

Given the alarming rates at which heart problems are proliferating all across the world, it’s time some heavy measures were taken to check these. Like any other calamity, the first step towards controlling heart related ailments is awareness.

To aid you further in this direction, mentioned below are some common signs of heart diseases that you should watch out for –

Discomfort or Pain In The Chest

Certain discomfort, in the form of tightness, pressure, and sometimes pain in the chest and surrounding areas are among the biggest tell-tale signs of heart diseases. Different patients give different descriptions of this discomfort or pain, ranging from pinching to an elephant sitting on them. Such an issue generally occurs when people engage in some physical activity and usually lasts for a few minutes.

According to some of the top heart specialists in Delhi, a discomfort or pain in the chest occurs if the patient is suffering from blockage in the arteries of their heart or is having a heart attack.

Heartburn, Indigestion, Or Stomach Pain

Another symptom that is seen commonly among patients of heart diseases is heartburn. Described as an uncomfortable burning feeling in the cardiac region similar to the burning feeling after a big meal, heartburn can sometimes get so severe that it can wake people from sleep. Top heart doctors in noida reveal that heartburn is also one of the symptoms of a heart attack and can come accompanied with other symptoms, such as nausea and chest pain.

In case of persistent heartburn or indigestion, people are advised to seek medical opinion from an expert.


Although light-headdness is a common symptom that can happen due to various reasons, such as weakness, low blood pressure, and so on, heart specialists in Delhi NCR also relate it to heart diseases. Explaining this further, they say that sudden dizziness, especially when accompanied by signs such as chest discomfort or breathlessness, could be pointing towards an existing heart condition in the individual. Heart doctors in Noida highlight that dizziness can occur because of poor circulation of blood, resulting from reasons such as blockage of arteries in the walls of the heart.

 Frequent Exhaustion

Exhaustion or fatigue is also something that people come across in their lives quite commonly and on a regular basis. However, as per top heart specialists in Delhi NCR, there could also be a more serious underlying cause to your fatigue.

Frequent exhaustion can occur when the heart fails to pump enough blood to meet the requirements of all the cells and organs in the body. In such a case, the body often diverts blood from less major organs and directs them towards the heart and the brain. When the cells in the body starve due to lack of oxygen, we feel tired.

Irregular Heartbeat

Explained medically as “heart arrhythmia”, irregular heartbeat occurs when electrical impulses co-ordinating the heartbeats do not function normally. The result is that your heart either beats too fast or slower than usual.

Among the many problems that top heart doctors in noida underline with respect to irregular heartbeats, blockage of the arteries of the heart, changes in the structure of the heart, and heart attacks are critical. Doctors also point out that there are several tests to diagnose irregular heartbeats and various ways to prevent and correct them too.

Swollen Legs, Ankles, Or Feet

Swelling in the legs, feet, or ankles is caused due to fluid accumulation and can be a sign of worsening heart conditions. This situation occurs when the heart fails to pump out enough blood, causing the blood flowing into the heart to back up in the abdomen and lower limbs. Although swelling can often be treated by lying down for a little while, swelling that tends to increase with time calls for medical attention.

Chronic heart conditions, such as heart failure also affect the normal functioning of kidneys, causing retention of fluids and bloating.

Pain Spreading To The Arm

Pain in the left arm is another classic complaint that many heart patients make. This pain arises in the chest and moves to the arms. Some people even complain of this pain moving to nearby areas such as the neck, jaw, throat, back, and upper abdomen. A few people even describe a feeling of coldness or numbness in their limbs, especially those in the left side of the body.

Sometimes, the symptoms of heart related ailments are so subtle that people hardly notice the issues until it’s quite late. Besides staying aware of the tell-tale signs of heart problems, regular medical check-ups could also help you prevent or check them in right time.

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