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The Inescapable Importance of World Disability Day

World Disability Day

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Every year on December 3rd since 1992, the World Disability Day or the International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) is observed. The primary objective of this day is to promote an air of understanding for disability issues in people around the globe, and to raise awareness for them. Each year, this day focuses on a different theme. The theme for this year was -“Transformation towards sustainable and resilient society for all”

The History of IDPD

History of IDPD

The idea was incepted in the year 1976 when the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed that in 1981, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities would be observed. Its main goal was –

  • Creating equal opportunities for all
  • Rehabilitation for the disabled
  • Prevention of the spread of disability

To ensure the full implementation of these pointers by the different countries, a time frame of 11 years in total was allotted ( 1981-1992) by the UN.

How IDPD has raised awareness for disability?

Awareness for Disability

Disability issues can arise in anyone regardless of age, gender, or ethnicity. Whether due to an accidental injury, or a birth-related genetic disorder, or a life-threatening infection – one is forced to live their lives with them.

But does that it makes them any different from us? The answer is absolutely NOT! They are the same as us, albeit more challenged due to their constraints. Therefore, it is our duty to make them feel like they are one of us, and not an abnormality to shun and abhor.

Because if this, many government and private run initiatives have been set up to ensure that disability is no longer considered a disability, but rather a life challenge to overcome. Among them, the nation-wide campaign, International Day of Persons with Disabilities by the United Nations is the largest and most successful.

Eliminating disability discrimination

Disability Discrimination

The World Disability Day raises global awareness for disability issues throughout the globe. This plays a vital role in eliminating any discrimination against the disabled, and promotes equal opportunity and rights for all.

Raising disability awareness

Disability Awareness

Disability is not a choice, but rather the result of an unforeseen circumstance. Thus to ensure that the people are more aware of this, the UN sponsors many seminars during Disability Day to further educate people on the causes and effects of disability, and what they can do to make the lives of the disabled better.

Holding talks and seminars on disability issues

Disability Issues

As stated before, every year the UN holds a specific theme on Disability Day, to highlight an integral issue pertaining to various aspects of political, social, economic and cultural life parts of society that effect the disabled. This helps people share ideas and form an understanding of disability.

Knowing what can be done to help the disabled

Help the Disabled

Empowering the disabled is a vital step in promoting their social growth. This is why various measures are discussed and undertaken to aid the disabled and support them.

People with disabilities aren’t a liability they are perceived to be. They are a braver class of souls who are exhibiting admirable human resolve, to live life on their own terms. And for that, they deserve nothing but respect!

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