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Waking up to a smog-filled city, makes us feel that we live in a pollution factory. Knowing the devastating effects of pollution to the environment and to our health, we ignore the fact that aside from our lungs, another organ that bears the brunt of pollution is our skin. From volatile urban pollutants to cigarette smoke, the city’s toxic environment causes premature skin ageing and conditions like acne, psoriasis and skin cancers to allergies and pigmentation.

Pollution is a mix of many components, which makes it difficult to pinpoint exactly which one of the different elements are responsible for the skin changes we see.There is a clear correlation between spikes in air pollution and increases in the number of people suffering from skin problems. It is clear that air pollution is not just affecting skin on a cosmetic level, but also is a real threat to skin health.

Coming in contact with your skin, tiny sized pollutants tiny seep into the deeper layers of the epidermis, infiltrating it and causing not only inflammation and dehydration but also a cellular-level reaction that leads to lost elasticity and firmness. In such conditions, it is necessary to combat pollution through skin care regimen that can help your skin be youthful and clear for a longer time. Find below skin solutions to the everyday fight against pollution:

1.- Clean it for a Clearer Skin
Cleanse your skin daily in the morning with a mild cleanser. In the evening, clear off makeup and the film of potentially harmful pollutants, dirt and sweat. Occasional scrubbing and exfoliating can be helpful in removing any impurities that had seeped into the skin.

2.- Moisturize it
Add a moisturizer to your regimen to create a protective barrier and top it off with an SPF for full protection. Even on a cloudy day, UV rays can be harmful to your skin, thus always apply a sunscreen before you step out.  Also add a rich cream to nourish your skin at night.

3.- Sweat Out
Physical activity ensures a healthy blood circulation & also helps in eliminating toxins through sweating. One needs to be active and get the impurities out of their body.

4.- A Balanced Diet
Ensure that you eat healthy and at regular intervals. A clean inside, a clearer outside. Citrus fruits, beetroot, oregano, apples, avocado, blueberries, and leafy greens and beans play a significant role in the body’s capability to heal itself, especially the skin.

The threat from pollution is real and it is not getting any better any time soon. Although, the effects of pollution are rather alarming and you may not be able to completely undo the years of damage to your skin, you can prevent it from further harm by taking care of it from TODAY!!

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