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Should You Try Coolsculpting For Weight Loss?

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CoolSculpting, also called electrolysis, is a type of non-invasive fat-reducing treatment that involves skin tightening. In this procedure, what a specialist essentially does is to apply a cooling panel over a body area, such as the thighs, stomach, etc. This panel looks like a vacuum and it is used to freeze and remove fat cells with a temperature of around -10 degrees being applied to the area. These fat cells then make their exit from the body through regular bowel movements.

CoolSculpting is said to be a version of liposuction that is less intense. In this procedure, there are no anaesthetics, no needles, and no downtime involved. In addition to this, the duration of the procedure is such that you can have it done during your lunchtime and get back to work the very same day.

After you have the procedure done, you should typically start seeing results by the fourth week; though they could take a maximum of around 12 weeks in some cases. Although it is said that a patient only needs a one-time treatment to get the desired results, one may need a second sitting to get the maximum effects in some cases. Here are two factors that will give you more clarity as to whether you should consider CoolSculpting for weight loss or not.

You will lose a small amount of weight

CoolSculpting does not help in giving you an entirely slim body where you drop 10 kilograms straight. Therefore, it should definitely not be considered as a weight loss treatment. The ideal candidate for this procedure will be one who exercises regularly and has achieved a reasonable goal weight, but is not able to eliminate fat from difficult areas where exercising is not helping. Plus, he/she must follow a good lifestyle and diet to go forward with the procedure.

You can easily visit a clinic for the CoolSculpting treatment in Delhi where you can consult with a doctor before you make a decision about the procedure. Another thing that you should note is that if you have got CoolSculpting done in some area, the fat cells will get depleted in that particular area; but, there is a chance that your body may start storing fat in other areas if you start putting on weight again. For instance, if you have got the procedure done in the hips, you may start to gain weight in those areas of the body that you previously had no issues with.

Safer option than liposuction

You can go for CoolSculpting as patients who have had it have always given a positive feedback. They have seen improvements after undergoing the procedure. It is also considered to be a less painful and safer body-contouring option as compared to liposuction. This is so because the procedure does not involve the risk of puncturing the organs and poking holes in the body.

If you are interested in undergoing CoolSculpting, you can book a consultation with a cosmetic medical practitioner in a body treatment clinic so as to ascertain whether you skin can undergo tightening with the help of this procedure. You can freely ask him/her about the side effects of the procedure and if CoolSculpting is a good option for you or not. However, you have to keep in mind that the procedure is not a weight loss program, but deals with tightening only. Another treatment that you can try for tightening loose skin is the Exilis Elite body treatment. It is a procedure that does not involve surgery and stimulates the production of collagen to tighten the skin. You can think of investing your time and money in body care services if you feel the need and after you know that you are fit for it.

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