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Pledge to Healthy Food this Nutrition Week 2018

Nutrition Week

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We have tasks to finish at work, responsibilities to fulfill at home, friends to meet, places to be, things to buy; one thing that suffers amidst all of this is – our nutrition. That most people take their nutrition and hence their health lightly is very concerning.

People, especially office goers, feel religiously for their coffee, but when it comes to the morning breakfast or a hearty lunch, not so much. Today’s generation suffers from all kinds of nutrition related issues be it overeating or not eating enough at all.

According to reports from the World Health Organization, around 1.9 billion people across the globe are obese or overweight, and another 462 million of the world’s population is underweight.

Why Is Good Nutrition And Diet Important?

Problems related to nutrition or bad nutrition is rising by the day, and it is time people became aware of these. Only by understanding the ill-effects of a bad diet and the things you have been doing wrong, will you be able to change things.

This Nutrition week, our motto at Intelligent Ageing is to highlight the significance of good nutrition and diet towards our health. So to set you in the right direction, here are the reasons as to why doctors stress upon the importance of good nutrition and diet: –

Enhances Your Well-Being

Poor or insufficient diet often leads to a series of health problems in people. Reduced intake of Vitamin A, C and E can expose people to increased risk of infections, whereas insufficient calcium and Vitamin D in the body makes teeth and bones weak.

In the same manner, there are various necessary minerals that people need to consume in adequate amounts to avoid health risks and stay healthy and fit.

Saves On Unwanted Additional Costs

This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The better your diet, the lesser are the unwanted expenses. People spend a good part of their income over healthcare expenses and medical costs. While poor nutrition is the direct cause in case of certain diseases, unhealthy diet is a risk factor in others. You would be surprised to know how many diseases you can prevent if you take care of your nutrition and diet.

Aids In Healthy Weight Management

Overweightness and obesity have been age-old problems related to poor diet. Although eating frequently or in large portions is the cause behind these dietary disorders, the kind of food you eat is to blame too.

Whereas overweightness is an excessive increase in your overall weight, obesity refers to an abnormal increase in your body fat. These disorders do not simply affect your physique but also subject you to chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure and coronary disorders. However, eating the right kind of food can help you manage the right body weight as per age and body type. You can take up a good exercise program to achieve better results.

Manages Your Immune System

Our body’s immune system is a defence mechanism, responsible for helping the body fight infections and diseases. Hence, eating healthy food and maintaining good nutrition helps strengthen this immune system. Eating a balanced diet can help you keep your body’s immunity strong and going.

For this purpose, you need to include leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, low fats and other grains in your diet.

Delays Aging

Strange though it may seem, some food items such as avocados and tomatoes contain elements that help keep the skin young and supple. Tomatoes, for instance, contain Vitamin C which in turn helps build collagen, thus making the skin firmer, and also slow down premature aging.

Again, fruits such as berries come with vitamins and antioxidants and consuming them can help in cell regeneration in your body for new skin.

Gives You Energy

We are all aware of the fact that the food we consume breaks down to produce energy within, for our bodies to function. Carbohydrates, fats and protein are the prime ones among the nutrients that our bodies require to produce energy. In terms of food items, whole grain breads and starch-rich vegetables are sources of carbohydrate that are good for prolonged energy as they digest slowly.

Hydration or water is also important for the body as dehydration can lead to a lack of energy.

Affects Your Mood Positively

A good and healthy diet is also important for one’s mental health. Inadequacy of carbohydrates increases the feeling of tension and affects the mood. Consuming a diet that is rich in protein, low in fat and moderate in carbohydrate has a positive effect on the mood as you receive good supply of iron and omega-3 fatty acids.

The diet you consume also affects the manner in which you think. An insufficient supply of glucose does not leave the brain with enough energy to remain focused.  

In a nutshell, eating healthy does not mean you cannot eat what you like. The key is to take a balanced diet. This won’t require you to give up on your comfort food. For better help with the right kind of diet for your body, you should definitely consult a nutritionist.

Do not forget what you mom used to say – Nutritious food is the secret to good health.

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