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How to Treat Mental Disorder Without Medication?

Mental Disorder

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The burden of mental disorders keeps on increasing with massive impacts on health in all the nations of the world. Globally, an estimated 300 million individuals are suffering from depression alone, and bipolar disorder affects about 60 million people throughout the globe. So what causes mental illness in the brain? And how can we treat it?

In spite of the fact that the exact reason for most mental illnesses isn’t known to medical science till now, but the things which make these researches clear, it is that a considerable lot of these conditions are caused by a blend of biological, psychological, and ecological elements.

Following are a couple of ways one can begin treating mental illnesses without the use of medication:

1: Meditate Regularly

Individuals who invest there time on meditation on a daily or weekly basis, whether through yoga or regular prayer often feel more settled and content with themselves as well as the world. Even if for 15 minutes per day, quality quiet time could immediately transform your state of mind helping you take control of your life.

2: Set A Goal

It is immaterial whether one begins with establishing a goal which is small or big or moderate, and regardless what it is, one should work towards it step by step and day by day. An existence without meaning and purpose spent wandering aimlessly may create a strong feeling of disappointment and unease, contributing enormously to sentiments of anxiety and depression. One should simply pick achievable goals which are easy to execute and observe how it can help in uplifting their mood with every passing day.

3: Talk It Out

Many people are suffering from depression who feel forlorn, lonely and unloved. They may go days or long periods of time without having a conversation with another person.

This level of isolation and confinement from the world will result in an exponentially worsened state of mind. The small act of speaking to another person can make a tremendous difference in lifting the mood immediately. One can start with a casual smile, or strike a casual conversation with people at grocery stores, discuss the weather or anything that helps words and thoughts to flows out of the mouth.

4: Therapy

Treatment for mental illnesses can be pursued without having to take medication. Therapy is a compelling treatment option and can virtually help in healing every mental illness. Therapy can assist in inculcating healthy lifestyle and identifying and breaking unhealthy patterns.

5: Exercise

Regular exercise can further increase levels of endorphins and serotonin in the brain which contributes to improved moods. Every sort of physical activity is good for mental health since it stimulates positive emotions as well as is good for the physical well-being. One can start with brisk walks of 15 minutes every other day and slowly increase it to 30 minutes. The exercising experience can be further enhanced by putting listening to mind soothing music that will not only divert your mind from troubled thoughts but also calm the mind.

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