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How to Grow Your Hair Faster Naturally

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Everyone wants to have splendid hair. However, whether it is because of an inadequate amount of nourishment or because of the excessive exposure to pollutants in the air, the natural growth of our hair gets hindered more often than not. You can of course always seek advice from some of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi NCR, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go for some natural ways to stimulate the growth of your hair as well. You can visit a good hair care clinic in Delhi NCR and get your hair checked by a specialist who can suggest the best way to go about it.

However, there are a few simple tips that you should follow to grow your hair naturally.

Trimming actually helps

This is not an old wives tale, and is actually a great way to stimulate hair growth. Ask any hair specialist in Delhi NCR and they will be able to tell you that it is important that you trim your hair every eight to ten weeks. This is an important part of ensuring faster hair growth. The secret behind this tip is that with exposure to dirt, sun, and other elements, the tips of the hair usually get damaged. This causes roughness and split ends, and when you trim your hair, these split ends are removed. This enables your hair to breathe better and then they can grow without any issues.

The conditioner is your friend

You might have often noticed that the ends of your hair are thinner and more damaged as compared to the roots of the hair. This is because of a simple reason that the ends of the hair don’t get enough nutrition and nourishment. When you use a conditioner after every hair wash, it helps seal the cuticle at the end of the hair, which helps prevent further damage. Conditioner helps make your hair healthier and healthy hair grows faster.

 Hot oil massages to relax you

Not only is a good massage with hot oil great for busting stress, massaging also helps ensure that your hair stays healthy. Using coconut oil, olive oil, or lavender oil are good options to bring about luster and to stimulate hair growth.

Apart from these simple tips, you can also look for and fix an appointment with the best hair doctors in Delhi NCR, who can help you devise a plan for naturally growing your hair. Also keep in mind that simple things that may seem harmless might not be; like wrapping up your hair in a towel or brushing when your hair is wet, to name just a few of many.

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