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How To Get Rid Of Seasonal Allergies

seasonal allergies - IA

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Seasonal allergies can be really annoying, and so are the drugs that you have to take to get relief from sneezing and sniffling. Not to forget the red, itchy eyes at that time. As you have no control over the pollen present in the air, one thing that you can do is try some simple ways of getting relief from seasonal allergies. And to keep the allergy symptoms at bay, here is a list of ways that you can follow:

Workout during dusk

One thing that you can do to avoid getting seasonal allergies is to shift your workout from the morning to the evening. Apart from the fact that many people with allergies experience more itching and sneezing in the morning, you must know that the trees discharge their pollen at first light. Amongst the pollen, ragweed pollen flies the most during middle of the day. Thus, it is better to go for a stroll in the evening.

Change soiled clothes

You must make sure to shut windows on sunny, windy, and pollen-infested days, and not heading out during these days. The one thing you must take care of is to not invite pollens into your home. And in order to prevent this from happening, you must change clothes and shoes after coming home.

Always leave the house with sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat

Leaving the house with a wide-brimmed hat on and sunglasses will make sure that the pollen does not enter your eyes.

Cook food with turmeric

Turmeric, a spice commonly found in Indian cuisine especially in curry based recipes, comprises of curcumin. What it essentially does is act as a decongestant that helps in mitigating allergy symptoms, and keeps the cold away. Turmeric is as effective as drugs in specific conditions.

The functional medicine approach

Conventional medicines provide treatment for seasonal allergies with the help of pills and injections that give birth to side effects that do not address the root cause, and because of this, you cannot get rid of allergies.

Functional medicine has all the markings to be the future of conventional medicine. It primarily seeks to recognise and address the root cause of a particular disease, and looks at the body as a unified system and not a collection of different organs. It works towards treating the system as a whole rather than the symptoms.

Hence, if you are suffering from a seasonal allergy, and your regular medicine does not seem to solve the problem, you can book an appointment with some of the best functional medicine doctors in India to get it checked.  Thereafter, when you visit a functional medicine clinic, you will get to see first-hand how such a diagnosis works.

For instance, if there is a patient who has an allergy and is taking certain drugs for it. It may try to supress her immune function but if she gets treated by a doctor that follows a functional medicine approach, the doctor will see why her immune system is getting compromised in the first place. Once that is identified, then necessary steps will be taken to prevent that action. This exactly how the functional medicine approach works.

One recommended that you are bound to get from a functional medicine doctor is to take care of your gut to prevent seasonal allergies. This is because an unhealthy gut will fail to fight against potential allergens. This is what the doctor recommends to maintain a healthy gut:

  • A simple base of functional medicines is to take out the bad and put in the good. You can avoid toxic triggers like corn, dairy, alcohol, soy, etc., Focus on healthy foods like avocados, nuts, and omega-3 fats.
  • Stress can damage your gut health and even make your seasonal allergies worse. Practice meditation and yoga every day to help tackle stress.
  • Sleep adequately to maintain the overall health of your body.

These simple steps of rectification can go a long way in helping you shield yourself from allergies, and stay healthy during the season.




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