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How to Get Rid Of Acne Scars On Face

Face Acne Care - Sens

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For those who suffer from it, the prospect of living with acne scars leads to a cabinet filled with oral medications and chemical creams. While these may provide the results they promise, they also bring with them a list of side effects. For those looking for a safe alternative to get rid of the acne scars or blemishes, you can book an appointment with a skin specialist doctor at a skin care clinic in Delhi or other regions for an effective treatment. You could also try some natural solutions that can prove to be beneficial, such as

Aloe Vera

Fresh aloe vera gel is a powerful source of vitamins and heals the skin. It naturally fades the acne scars and is extremely gentle on the skin. So, you really don’t have to worry about the skin damage or irritation. Plus, aloe vera is a natural moisturizer and makes your skin soft and healthy. You just need to massage aloe vera gently into your skin and wash it after 30 minutes for the best results.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is also a natural moisturizer that contains healing properties. Take some amount of oil in your hand and let it come to your body temperature. With the help of your fingertips, massage the coconut oil gently onto your skin and do not wash it away. Let your skin soak in the essential fatty acids and vitamins.


Cucumber is a vegetable that is famous for face care. Not only is the vegetable super hydrating, but also contains magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin A. All these three are incredible for your skin. All you have to do is pick up cucumbers from your local market and then cut them into thin slices. After that, lay them on the part of your skin that has acne scars. After half an hour, remove the cucumbers and wash your face will cool water. You will be thoroughly surprised upon seeing the result!  


Honey can naturally heal scars. That being said, it is recommended to use honey in its raw form. Take a small amount of it and massage it on your acne scars.

However, if your acne condition is severe, be proactive about visiting a skin care specialist in Delhi or the city that you live in, to get your skin examined. As a reputed skin specialist in Delhi NCR, we at SENS Clinic address every skincare treatment with a thorough analysis, and then recommend corrective measures based on the client’s skin type and lifestyle preferences.


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