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How To Choose The Best Treatment For Female Hair Loss?

Hair Loss Treatment

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Hair loss in women – A little introduction

Ask any woman around and they will tell you that hair fall is among their biggest worries. Humans lose 80 to 100 strands of hair on a daily basis. Now, while hair fall at this rate is normal and okay, it is unnatural hair loss that is a grave issue.

Various women suffer from hair loss silently, trying different ways to deal with it on their own. However, hair loss is a problem that does not go away all by itself; instead, it only gets worse with time. Seeking the help of a medical professional and that too quite early on is one of the best things you can do in this respect.

 Causes and Types

Awareness is one of the most important tools towards fighting an ailment, even hair loss. Hence, in order to figure out as to how you can go about seeking the best medical care and treatment for your hair loss, you need to know a little more about hair loss and what causes it.

Hair loss in women is different from that in men and many a times, the intensity of hair loss also differs from individual to individual. As per some of the top hair specialists in Delhi NCR, pattern hair loss in women does not appear in the form of a bald spot on the top or a receding hair line. It instead can be seen as a thinning over the crown.

Among the signs of hair loss that women notice first are smaller or thinner ponytails and wider hair partings. As per some of the best hair doctors in Delhi, the causes of hair loss in women are many, ranging from poor nutrition to genetic factors. Unbalanced diet, stress, hormonal changes, pregnancy and ailments such as anaemia, thyroid disorders, scalp infection, and alopecia are also common reasons for hair fall.

Professionals in hair care clinics in Delhi further point out that, your hair fall could also be occurring because of some heavy medication or treatment, which you are receiving for a particular illness.


The best way to figuring out whether or not your hair loss is severe and of recovering from it is to see a professional. The standard process, for diagnosing hair loss, followed by best hair doctors in Delhi involves going through the patient’s medical history, studying their symptoms, and carrying out necessary tests. The causes behind hair fall are many and these steps help doctors figure out the real issue behind your problem better.

The common tests recommended by hair specialists in Delhi NCR are –

  • Pull test
  • Scalp test or biopsy
  • Blood test
  • Light microscopy

Treatment options

Medication – Based on the cause of hair loss, your doctor may advise some medications to you. Hair loss medications generally include pills for slowing the rate of hair loss and foams or serums to be applied onto the scalp for new hair growth.  

Hair transplant therapy – Patient with permanent hair loss may also consider a hair transplant surgery for quicker and efficient results. As a part of this surgery, the doctors remover a portion of the patient’s scalp containing hair follicles, and implant the follicles, one by one into the bald area. Patients may have to use certain medications post-surgery. Hair transplant surgeries may not be as effective in case of hereditary hair loss.

You can visit one of the best hair transplant clinics in Delhi NCR, to get a restoration surgery done. Hair loss becomes a big issue when it not only affects your aesthetics, but also your confidence. So get professional help as soon as you can.

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