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How Q Switch Laser Treatment cures Hyperpigmentation

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One’s physique may not be a measure of one’s personality, but we cannot deny the fact that being in our best physical forms, both aesthetically and health-wise, does go a long way into boosting our confidence, thus making us feel good about ourselves.

Unwanted skin problems, including skin pigmentation such as acne scars or dark spots, can affect one’s self-esteem in an adverse manner. In fact, there are multiple researches that reveal that skin woes are not always just skin deep; these often end up affecting us psychologically. At the same time, pigmentation and residual scarring can cause as much emotional and psychological distress as diabetes.

 Hyperpigmentation and How it is Caused?

Our exposure to the sun boosts the production of melanin, a brown pigment, in the skin cells of our body. This melanin is responsible for scattering the sun’s radiation and protecting the DNA of the skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun.

The UV rays are regarded harmful as they lead to serious skin issues such as melanoma or skin cancer, and other chronic issues related to solar radiation. However, the thing about melanin is that its formation is not evenly distributed across our body, and can result in isolated brown patches or spots of hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation causes the skin to darken up and can occur in an isolated area of the body, or the entire body itself. Even though hyperpigmentation is not harmful, it can be a symptom of some other chronic ailment.

Another problem here is that hyperpigmentation is deep-seated and cannot generally be cured by the use of topical applications and ointments.

 Q switch laser treatment

Thanks to the advancement in medicine and technology, a number of skin problems can now be treated through surgery.

Q-switch is a process that makes use of laser energy concentrated powerfully in the form of a beam to treat a variety of hyperpigmentation issues of the skin. Deriving its name from an optical switch that is inserted in a laser cavity and designed to emit two different wavelengths of light, the Q-switch laser treatment delivers unparalleled penetrative power.  The two lights in the optical switch consists of a green light that’s used to treat the upper layer of the skin, and an invisible infrared light for treating the deeper dermal layers.

How does it work?

Some of the best professionals delivering Q switch laser treatment in Delhi reveal that the Helios II-Q switched laser emits short and intense pulses of laser energy for a very short span of time, a billionth of a second to put it specifically. 

This light energy actually gets converted to heat energy, and works by fragmenting the pigment and then releasing it into the rest of the skin. The natural processes working in the body reabsorb these fragments, and dispose them through the lymphatic system. This results in the hyperpigmentation to fade away from the skin.

As per a lot of experts delivering Q switch laser treatment in Delhi, the Helios II method is much better and far more advanced than older versions of the treatment. It not only provides dermatologists with more flexibility and control but also enables them to offer the treatment in a more customized and painless manner. This procedure has minimal side effects which make it a top choice with most dermatologists and skin care clinics offering Q switched laser treatment in Delhi and other big cities.

From helping minimize pores to decreasing fine lines and evening out skin tone, the Q-switch laser treatment have proved to be an efficient process for facial rejuvenation.



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