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How Can You Reverse Type 2 Diabetes With Diet And Exercise?

Reverse 2 Diabetes - IA

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In type 2 diabetes, the patient’s body does not use the insulin properly. It starts offering a resistance to insulin. This resistance happens when the patient’s fat storage capacity becomes full and the body no longer needs insulin, as it does not require more fats. Also, as a result, it does not burn sugar into energy and the body ends up having a high blood sugar level. The patients suffering from type-2 diabetes feel more thirst, fatigue, hunger, along with many other symptoms.

Reversing diabetes means allowing people who suffer from type-2 diabetes to get back to their normal insulin and blood sugar levels so they do not need to take medication any more. However, it is important to note that the reversal is not permanent all the time.

To reverse type-2 diabetes and to stay away from medicines, you can lose weight by exercising and by eating a healthy diet. The reason why weight loss is necessary to reverse the condition is because if you have lesser body fat, it will be easier for the pancreas to make the required amount of insulin which, in turn, will help manage the blood sugar as well.

However, the result of this approach i.e. reversing the disease with the help of weight loss may vary according to certain factors. These factors can include the duration of the disease, severity, genes, etc. For instance, people who already have a healthy weight live with type-2 diabetes too. You can talk to a diabetes specialist in Delhi NCR as the region has some of the best doctors with whom you can discuss whether this method of reversing the disease will help you or not.

Here’s how exercise and diet can help you reverse type-2 diabetes:


As an overweight body can cause type-2 diabetes, exercising can help reverse it. Obesity offers resistance to insulin and weight loss through exercise can help tackle this situation. 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week will do. The types of exercises you can do which can benefit you in this situation are:

Stretching:  Do not forget to stretch before any type of exercise.

Cardiovascular: You can do an exercise that can get your heart pumping. For example, cycling, walking, and jogging.

Resistance training: Try resistance training by using dumbbells, free weights, and resistance bands. 

Leisure activity: Try some leisure activity, like gardening, biking, recreational activity, household chores, playing with kids or grandkids, boating, backpacking, etc.

Sports: Play sports, like golf, tennis, swimming, etc.


A diet can help control body weight which, in turn, will help reverse type-2 diabetes. You can follow a diet that meets your daily nutritional requirements and offer you a calorie adjustment based on your body condition and composition.  


Eat more: Beans, tofu, baked or roasted nuts, lean turkey or chicken breast (without skin), low-fat yoghurt, low fat cheese, unsweetened soy milk, lean meat, low fat or skim milk, etc.

Eat less: Poultry with skin, processed meat, deep fried tofu, deep fried seafood or fish, etc.

Select healthy cooking methods such as steam, braise, grill, stir-fry, simmer, and boil.


Eat more: Whole grains like millet, quinoa, oatmeal, red or brown rice, whole grain noodles, whole wheat biscuits, wholegrain bread, whole wheat spaghetti, etc. 

Eat less: White bread, white rice, pastry, French fries, pasta, sweetened or refined breakfast cereals, etc.


Drink more: Water, unsweetened black coffee or tea, etc.

Drink less: Milkshakes, energy drinks, fruit juice, flavored milk, canned or packet drinks, etc.


Eat more: Both leafy and non-leafy vegetables in 2 servings of vegetables on a daily basis. Examples of green leafy vegetables are kale, spinach, etc., and non-leafy vegetables are bitter gourd, capsicum, tomato, broccoli, cauliflower, brinjal, etc.

Eat less: Stir-fried oily vegetables with added seasoning and gravy. Cook the vegetables in unsaturated oil taken in a little amount.


Eat more: Plain frozen fruit and fresh fruit without sugar. You can eat 2 servings on a daily basis.  

Eat less: Fruit juice, fruit punch, preserved fruits, dried fruit coated with honey/ juice/sugar concentrates, etc.


Eat more: All types of seeds and nuts (take in moderation), fatty fish like tuna and salmon, unsaturated oils like soyabean oil, canola oil, trans-fat free margarine, sunflower oil, etc.

Eat less: Regular cheese, butter, battered or gravy foods, etc. Read the ingredient list and nutrition label and check trans-fat, saturated fat, hydrogenated fat, partially-hydrogenated fat, etc.

Use this guide to exercise and maintain a healthy diet if you want to try to reverse type-2 diabetes. But, before you follow any regime, make sure that you get the approval from a diabetes specialist by visiting a diabetes clinic in Delhi. Booking a consultation with a diabetes doctor in Delhi will help give you more insights on what and what not to follow.

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