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Here’s What You Should Know about Q Switch Laser Treatment

Q Switch Laser Treatment

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With the passage of time, people are becoming increasingly particular about their skin and grooming habits. Add to that, the advancement in the healthcare industry has also brought about a plethora of newer and more efficient treatment solutions for helping people take care of their skin problems. The Q-switch laser treatment is one such treatment method that has gained good popularity among the folks.

 What is a Q Switch Laser Treatment?

The Q Switch laser treatment refers to a skin treatment method used widely for the removal of sun freckles, unwanted brown spots and tattoos from the skin. As a part of this procedure, your skin is subjected to laser beams at a specific wavelength that absorb the pigmentation thus eliminating it from the body.

 When Must You Opt For This Treatment?

The Q- switch laser treatment is meant for people who want to remove spots from their skin and make it fairer and rejuvenated. This treatment method is effectual in removing coloured spots, big or small from the skin. It also works well in case of sun spots on arms, legs or chest area.

Various clinics offer Q-switch laser treatment in Delhi for issues like –

  • Pigmentation – The laser energy when absorbed by the pigmented spots on the body breaks it into smaller fragments, eventually clearing the body of such discolorations.
  • Tattoo removal – Similar to natural pigments on the skin, even the externally introduced pigments or tattoo inks get broken down by laser beams and finally eliminated.
  • Acne marks – Break-outs or pimples on the skin causes inflammation which in turn leads to the production of pigments known as acne marks. The Q- switch laser treatment also helps remove these issues effectively from the skin.

One thing that you must note here is that the Q-switch laser treatment is meant for the removal of a few spots on the skin.

Who Should Not Go For it?

Experts in Q-switch laser treatment clinics in Delhi, like SENS Clinic, advice this procedure must be avoided by –

  • Pregnant women
  • Individuals consuming Accutane for over 6 months
  • Individuals who have suffered cold sores
  • People who have contracted herpes simplex virus

 How Does it work?

Experts providing Q-switch laser treatment in Delhi explain that the procedure uses laser beams which are directed to the patient’s skin in billionths of a second. The energy from the laser beams gives the patients a feeling of several tiny hot dots on their body. Cold air is also directed to the spots to eliminate the discomfort during the treatment procedure.

Professionals often make use of anaesthesia on the area being treated to make the treatment less painful for the patient. The laser beam absorbs the pigment to remove it from the skin surface of the patients.

What Happens Post-Treatment?

Once the procedure is completed, patients may feel a burning sensation on the treated area up to a few hours. The area or spot that was subjected to the treatment also develops crusts, which may last from a few days to two weeks. Crusts developing on legs even last as long three to four weeks in some patients. Patients are advised to cover up these crusts using petroleum jelly and bandage, as these help speed up the rate of healing.  

The rate of healing varies from patient to patient, depending on the location and how well they take care of it.

The Q-switch laser treatment is proving to be a better and safer alternative to various other treatment solutions available out there in the market. However, you must research it well before you head out for any treatment, and the same applies here.

Thanks to the internet, a simple search saying “Q-switch laser treatment near me” will reveal to you the reputed clinics which are located in and around your area. Look through them well and make sure a reputed one.



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