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Functional Medicine – The Unique Healthcare Needs of 21st Century

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“Functional Medicine is a medicine by cause, not by symptom. Functional medicine practitioners don’t, in fact, treat disease; we treat your body’s ecosystem.  We get rid of the bad stuff, put in the good stuff, and because your body is an intelligent system-it does the rest. Mark Hyman MD

On one hand where there is an addiction to a faster living among us, on another hand the current medical practice is inclining more and more towards such problems that need urgent attention. We know “Necessity is the mother of invention”. And here the necessity is a medical practice that focuses on the root cause of the underlying disease rather than focusing on just symptoms. Here comes the role of functional medicine


Functional Medicine makes use of a systems-oriented medicinal approach that works to recognize and understand the core or root causes of a disease. This discipline embraces the importance of personalization in healthcare since each patient is distinct, unique and requires exclusively designed care plans.  Functional medicine as a form of alternative medicine is being embraced by prestigious medical institutions now. Here’s why:

Restoration of Body’s Natural Functioning

Functional medicine is an alternative medicinal science, emphasizing restoring of the natural functions of the body to achieve a state of biochemical synchronization which is indicative of wellness. Its practitioners act as wellness partners, who are dedicated for empowering patients with the information and skills that are needed by them to attain control over their overall wellness.

Not Mere Masking of Symptoms

Functional medicine’s center of attention is on causes behind an individual’s health issues and it does not concentrate on prescribing medications in order to mask the symptoms of an underlying condition. The approach to functional medicine involves a preparedness to alleviate a chronic illness and not just make it more palatable.

Personalized Approach

Functional Medicine views every individual as being different, that means unique biochemically and genetically. This tailored health care focuses on treating the individual and not the disease. It supports the natural healing mechanisms of the body rather than an aggressive attack on the disease directly.


Functional Medicine is hugely science-based. According to a few latest researches, whatever happens within the human body is all linked in a complex network or web of relationships. An understanding of those complicated relationships allows one to see deep into the functioning of the body.

Therefore, under functional medicine, every facet of a patient’s medical history is re-evaluated in detail.

State of Well Being

Functional Medicine promotes that health is not just the mere absence of disease, but it is a state of immense strength and vitality. The human body is perceived to have intellectual capabilities and has the ability for self-regulation, which is expressed by it through an active balance of all the body systems. The human body in itself has the capability to prevent as well as heal nearly all the diseases associated with ageing.

Wider Approach

The traditional healthcare model is not capable of treating several diseases because most of the chronic illnesses are always the product of multiple factors. Most of these factors cannot be tackled through pharmacological means. On the other hand, functional medicine method empowers an individual with a hands-on approach to overall wellness by resolving the broad range of causes that result in the generation of disease.

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