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Breaking the Myths about Botox

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Botox and aesthetic services have attracted consumers for a long time now. With the change in lifestyle and approach to wellness and beauty – more individuals are being drawn to lock their youth. Although with immense progress, we still have a mass of consumers who refuse to believe the miraculous benefits and results of botox. Here we are breaking the well-known myths:

1.  Botox is toxic and dangerous – Botox holds a long and well-established history of being safe, with more than 16 million treatments being performed since it was first introduced. In fact, some medical treatments concerning health issues use Botox as a form of treatment such as migraines, excessive underarm sweating, and an overactive bladder.

2. Botox and fillers are unbearably painful – There will always be some amount of discomfort when having cosmetic injections, but it is by no means unbearable. Many compare the sensation of Botox injections to that of a mosquito bite, which is certainly not excruciating. Fillers can be a little more uncomfortable, but the majority contain the numbing agent lidocaine to minimize discomfort, making the procedure a walk in the park.

3. Botox only works for facial wrinkles: Botox has a vast range of uses aside from smoothing out lines and wrinkles. It can relieve migraines, neck and back pain, facial twitches, jaw joint pain, excessive sweating, and even depression.

4. Side Effects of Botox – It is believed that once you take up Botox and dermal fillers, your skin will start sagging and wrinkling more than ever before if you stop the treatments. This is a Myth. When the effects of Botox and fillers wear off, the skin will look exactly like it did before the treatment, and won’t become any worse. So, you can relax and take up the procedure without having to worry if you will have to take it again or not. Whether you take up the procedure again or not, is completely for you to decide as per your choice – No Compulsion!

5. Only women get Botox – A massive influx of male patients demanding this beloved treatment has taken over the market recently. Men too want to freeze their youth, it’s a misconception that this treatment is necessary and loved only by women.

6. Face cream can do the same job as Botox – It’s an easy marketing tool to say “just like Botox” or “better than Botox” on face cream. The thought of just applying a cream instead of having an injection is comforting to some. Good skincare routine is essential but botox results cannot be achieved by just a cream.

7. It won’t look natural – Anytime you see someone with lips or cheeks that don’t look natural it is usually because they have put too much filler on their face or from a cheaper source. Not skimping on such treatments and getting it done from a trusted source is significant.

8. Botox is addictive – There is no drug within the injections that is addictive to patients, so this cannot happen. The feeling of wanting to look young can be addictive which with the right practitioner, will be monitored and never overdone.

The right clinic and aesthetician can do wonders and help you look youthful. Break these myths and choose the right treatment for yourself.

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