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Best Natural Ways to Detox/Cleanse Your Body

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Eating or drinking too much can have a negative effect on your health, over a course of time. One long term effect of this can be a broken metabolism when you feel bloated, tired and unhealthy. But how do you set things right? Well, a periodic detox is the best way to cleanse your body of the toxins, speed up your metabolism and boost your overall health.

If you’ve been thinking of trying detox for some time now, but are unsure about which will be the best body cleanse and what the benefits of a detox may be, read on to know everything about a detox.

What is Detox?

Detoxification or detox in short, is a natural and ongoing process performed by the human body for neutralizing and eliminating toxins. Toxins are potentially harmful substances we come into contact with every day, which can harm our body.

Toxins can include waste products which are by-products of normal cell activity, and chemicals that we are exposed to daily in our environment, food and water. Various organs in our body including liver, intestines, kidneys, lungs, skin, blood, and lymphatic systems work to convert toxins into less harmful compounds and excrete them from the body. But in our daily life, we are constantly bombarded by toxins in the air, in our food, in fact everywhere. These toxins can add up to have a dire effect on our health.

Why Detox?

Our kidneys, liver, and other organs work hard to flush out the toxins which enter our bodies, and this is an ongoing process. Your organs work the best way to cleanse your body, but if you are constantly hammering yourself with toxins, while skimping on the healthy foods, the body’s natural detoxification system may get suppressed.

Even after the hard work that your body does to constantly keep your system free from toxins, over time, it can feel run down due to unhealthy food choices, alcohol, drugs, stress and environmental toxins which take their toll on your health. This is the reason why detoxification for weight loss and overall body health is very important.

Sometimes, external factors can have a really bad impact on our health, so even if you follow a healthy lifestyle and consume nutritious food, you still require detoxing in regular intervals. An intermittent detox will help remove anything that has been impacting your health negatively while helping you regain superior health and vitality. In due course of time, when the vital organs get fatigued removing toxins from the body, they are unable to work efficiently. Too much pressure on the vital organs, in turn, leads to health problems and illnesses.

Detoxifying the body at regular intervals not only helps in removing the toxins from the body, but also goes a long way in the prevention of health disorders. Plus, regular cleanse also has immediate effects such as better digestion, clearer skin, greater energy, and an overall healthy mind and body.

How to Detox?

To find the best way to cleanse your body, you will have to focus on a healthy lifestyle which includes eating the right foods and doing proper exercise. You can start with the best body cleanse, but before you start, you need to understand the right way to do it. Let’s take a look at the simplest and the most effective ways to detox: –

Change your lifestyle: At first, you need to lighten up your toxin load. The best way to cleanse your body is to start with eliminating the toxins that you have control on- alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars, and saturated fats. If you start a detox without quitting your unhealthy habits, you won’t get any benefits out of it.Minimize or eliminate white sugar intake and avoid artificial sweeteners. Choose natural versions of sugar such as honey, coconut sugar, date sugar, maple syrup, etc. Switch white flour and white breads with wholesome versions like quinoa flour, cornmeal, brown rice flour, buckwheat flour, or other healthy options.

Meditation and Exercise: Stress and sedentary lifestyle are two of the biggest enemies of a healthy mind and body. Stress can trigger your body to release stress hormones, and this in turn will create toxins and slow down the detoxification process. So, exercise and meditation should be practiced regularly throughout your routine. Yoga and meditation are easy and effective ways to combat stress, and in its application, is probably the best body cleanse. Also, exercise will help you lose excess fat and improve your overall body health.

Drink Plenty of Water: Hydrating your body is the best natural cleanse for weight loss and a healthy body. When it is about detoxifying your body, you can’t go wrong with water. Make it a habit to consume at least 4-5 liters of water per day. Water helps remove the impurities, helps in weight loss, and also keeps the skin healthy. To stay hydrated, you can even try infused water, freshly squeezed juice, detox water, etc.

Healthy Diet: Start your day with a glass of water infused with freshly squeezed lemon juice as this helps flush out the toxins and alkalizes the body. Further, add freshly made vegetable or fruit juices to your routine. Include a lot of greens in your diet such as kale, spinach and cilantro. Switch your normal tea with green tea and herbal teas such as they help to detoxify and clear out the toxins. Consume raw fruits, herbs and vegetables as they contain enzymes that aid digestion and improve nutrient absorption. Add more protein to your diet by eating legumes, fish and poultry.

Benefits of a Detox

There are different types of detox diets, such as the best natural cleanse for weight loss or even for better digestion, and accordingly each one will give you slightly different results. But, no matter which detox diet you choose, the benefits of detoxing are more or less similar. Let’s take a look at how a detox diet can benefit you: –

Eliminating Toxins and Excess Waste from the Body: There are many toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis, some of which we have little or no control on, such as the toxins in the air that we breathe. But, the toxins that we accumulate from the food and drink that we consume is controllable. Choosing a balanced diet which meets the requirements of the body is an essential part. Detoxing helps stimulate the body to purge itself of any excess waste that is stored in the body. Following the best colon cleanse program for weight loss will help improve the health of your colon, kidneys and liver.

Boosts Energy Levels: The best part of a detox program is that you feel more energetic. As you cut down on the sugar, caffeine, saturated and trans fat, and switch them for healthier options, you’ll feel more energized and healthy.

Helps in Weight Loss: As you get rid of the unhealthy habits and the excess waste that has accumulated in your body, a detox diet helps you lose weight. If you establish long-term healthy eating habits, you can do really well in losing extra fat.

Stronger Immune System: When you detox, you relieve the extra pressure of your organs and help them function in a normal way. This helps to give your immune system a boost as you will be able to absorb nutrients better.


It may seem like a mammoth task to change a long-standing habit, but a detox program can completely change the way you feel about yourself. If you have been fighting your addictions of sugar, caffeine, fried, or fatty foods, a detox can help you kill these addictions. When you cleanse your body and switch to healthier food choices and healthy lifestyle, you develop habits that will keep you on track for a healthier life.

Intelligent Ageing offers advanced and highly effective detox programs to help you lead a healthier and happier life. Overall, you will feel a great change not only within your body but also in your appearance and mental condition. One you get to know about the best cleanses and detoxes for weight loss and healthier body, you will find a newer and a better you!

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