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Before You Go For Hair Loss Treatment


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Now a days, lifestyle diseases have become a big concern, and one of these is hair thinning. Hair thinning is something that is worrying millions of people, and is one of the most annoying experiences one can have. Most people don’t think of hair loss as something that is going to strike so early in their age. This in turn, prevents them from taking appropriate measures to prevent hair loss. Going for a hair loss treatment from a trusted hair care clinic in Delhi will offer a reliable and long-lasting solution to help tackle this problem.

It is a myth when it is said that hair loss treatment is only for those people who are in the initial phases of hair loss. People in the later phases of hair loss can also go for a hair loss treatment. Follow the below-mentioned steps to know more about the options you have before undergoing hair loss treatment:

Understand the Procedure

When it comes to hair loss treatment, it is important to first have the complete knowledge of hair loss treatment. There are various types of hair loss treatment available in hair care clinics in Delhi, which is undertaken by some of the best hair doctors to help in getting your hair back. Going to a hair treatment doctor and knowing about the steps involved in the procedure will help you in knowing what the process is about, and what will happen after the hair loss treatment.

Hair Examination

So, after knowing the procedure of hair loss treatment, your hair specialist doctor will check your hair and do an analysis of the hair loss condition that you are going through. He/she will then discuss the complexities involved in your hair condition.

There are certain types of hair loss. Some people lose their hair very quickly and then become bald. On the other hand, some may have receding hairlines as well as thinning hair. Also when you first visit a hair specialist doctor, he or she will analyse the amount of hair loss because of factors like surgeries, harmful products, particular medicines, stress, and hormonal fluctuations.

Check if the Clinic does Microscopic Hair Analysis (MHA)

When you visit a hair care clinic in Delhi, do see that they do Microscopic Hair Analysis (MHA). Make sure you check that in the first consultation itself. This process will not take more than one hour of your time. The professionals at the clinic should be well-versed with extensive MHA, and provide accurate results during the initial consultation. After undertaking all of the above steps, the hair treatment doctor will define the right hair loss treatment plan for you, and inform you about when to begin the treatment.

Some people undergo a laser treatment for treating hair loss. Others go for a hair transplant and largely benefit from it. What’s standard in a hair transplant is the fact that it is minimally invasive, and you need local anesthesia.

In a hair transplant, the hair specialist doctor will take ‘donor hair’ from the back or sides of a patient’s head. This hair is grafted to the places that have thin hair or are bald. After this is done, the follicles begin to grow again in a matter of months. In essence, there’s a lot of hope for a person facing the problem of hair thinning or baldness as he or she can look at these options and benefit from it.   

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