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A Guide To Your Right Facial

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Facials have become a necessity for skincare, from being an indulgence. Under the right care and a skilled set of hands, your skin will radiate and be relaxed after a complete session of facial. With an abundance range of options in the market, choosing the right facial for your skin type can be a task. It is essential to understand the importance of cleansing, exfoliating and toning your skin. With the right facial – your skin will rejuvenate and cast a commendable glow if done right.


Every skincare regime for every skin type is different and it is significant to study the best products and treatments that are specifically designed for your skin. From normal to dry, every skin has its do’s and don’ts – one needs to be aware of their skin type and opt for the best option for them. Here’s a brief guide to facials as per your skin is defined:


Normal skin types are basically the universal favorite skin type. It is adaptable to a wide range of moisturizers, toners, and facial masks without any adverse reactions. A typical facial for normal skin types includes exfoliation, moisturizing massage, a deep cleansing facial mask, with an application of a protective serum and under-eye gel to refresh and lift your skin. All types of facials can be effective for a normal skin care regime.


Dry Skin can damage and break the skin cells giving a very flaky look to the skin. It is essential to have a moisturizing, hydrating facial that helps regain the glow along with deep cleansing the skin. Aggressive exfoliation is a big NO-NO for the dry skin; gentle exfoliation is suggested to help dry skin shed dead skin cells.


Oily skin is a tricky skin type to work with, all the traditional facials that contain oils and moisturizers will clog pores and increase the oiliness of the skin, which could trigger more acne. A deep cleansing facial with extractions can be helpful in removing oil and unclogging pores, or a more intensive acne facial may be the right calling too.


Combination skin is an amalgamation of both normal and oily skin types. Such skin types need to have a regime; to as not to aggravate any one skin type. Oxygen facials can help your skin look fresh and healthy along with reduced or slow signs of aging.  Microdermabrasion can also be a good option to remove lines, wrinkles, or even minor scarring – or even some type of chemical peel will work well for it too.

Different skin types require different skincare regimes that define skin conditions. Your skin demands your constant attention, it is critical to treat it with care and premium products. Every once in awhile facial, helps rejuvenate the skin with getting rid of dead skin cells – with providing a glow like never before.

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