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A Guide to Functional Medicine

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Traditionally a medical doctor uses drugs or hormones as therapeutic tools to deal with a disease or an abnormality. Even though, conventional medicine does a great job at treating acute and emergency medical situations, functional medicine is better suited for chronic illnesses. The latest research shows us that what happens within us is connected in a complicated network or web of relationships. Understanding those relationships allows us to see deep into the functioning of the body.

Functional Medicine is completely based on science. It views every human body as genetically and biochemically unique. This personalized health care treats the cause of the disease, doesn’t give a temporary solution to it. It supports the normal healing mechanisms of the body, rather than attacking disease directly.

Every body is intelligent and has the capacity for self-healing and can prevent nearly all the diseases of aging. Health is not just the absence of disease, but a state of immense vitality. Tracking the root cause of the problem, addressing that concern and advising the best practices to reverse the effects of ageing is the deeds of the Functional Medicine.

With Ageing, the DNA of our cells becomes progressively damaged, causing cells to become irreversibly aged and dysfunctional. Telomeres throughout the body shorten as we age and this underlying mechanism contributes to cardio-metabolic disease and further ageing. Ageing is a dynamic process that can be accelerated or slowed and even resulting in increasing our lifespan. Telomeres can protect our chromosomes and keep us young. A functional medicine approach, recognizes the root-cause of disease which is due to half a dozen lifestyle choices and is much more important than our genetic predisposition.

In this fast paced world, with the evident increase in technology and decreased time management in lifestyle quality – the use of functional medicine is immensely significant. Inner Health is necessary for all spheres of life and for every individual. Outer appearance can be permanently enhanced if the inner health is healthy and personalised treatment plans have and are proven to have results that are extremely helpful to people with recurring illness or diseases.

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