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4 Skin Care Services You Need to Know About

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A healthy and glowing skin is something which we all dream of and having a healthy diet, following good lifestyle practices etc. can help us in achieving a healthy and glowing skin along with preventing skin related problems. This blog talks about certain skin care treatments which can help you have a younger and glowing skin.

Skin inevitably goes through natural aging process and needs a proper skin care regime to stay healthy and young. We all do our bit to keep it healthy and glowing, however due to dust, pollution, sunlight and many other factors, our skin starts getting affected. In order to minimize the impact of such external factors on our skin, we try and take care of our skin at home with natural skin care practices. However, proper skin care requires certain specialized treatments which are there to make our skin look gorgeous while keeping it healthy from within. Every treatment aims at offering some specialized effect to the skin, which can be skin whitening treatment, anti-ageing solution, cellular skin rejuvenation and many more. Some of the skincare treatments which you need to know about are:

  • Treatments to get rid of pigmentation and get brightened skin

Our skin suffers harsh weather conditions when exposed to the sunlight, extreme heat, cold, dust and pollution; this creates a layer of dirt and dead cells on our skin. Due to this layer or dead cells, the skin might start having blemishes, which include solar lentigo, freckles, seborrheic keratosis, sunspots, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, age spots and many more. Some solutions which help in getting rid of the pigmentation can be laser treatment which targets the melanin and removes it permanently, a chemical treatment which aims at removing the dead skin and reducing the superficial wrinkles, Melacure treatment which results in pigment free skin.

  • Anti-ageing Treatments

The treatments given under this category aim at removing the layer of dead skin, stimulating collagen treatment, generating new skin tissues, and much more. Some of the most popular procedures include pore refining laser technology, cryo therapy, and many more. These procedures help in reducing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin elasticity and firmness, stimulating collagen production, balancing skin tone, reducing blemishes, flushing out toxins from the deeper layers of the skin, improving skin radiance, promoting skin complexion, reducing the pore size, boosting production of hyaluronic acid and much more.

  • Cellular Skin Rejuvenation

The advanced treatments here include, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Microplaning, Oxy Hydrating Therapy, as well as Radiance Therapy. These help in revitalizing as well as regenerating the dermis cells, smoothening the wrinkles as well as folds, supporting the collagen production, fading the dark circles, removing the scars as well as stretch marks, and much more.

  • Services for Scars and Acnes

Acnes are caused when the hair follicles and pores are blocked, and there is excess secretion of oil. This leads to inflammation which further results in acnes. Some of the majorly affected areas include face, along with neck, arms as well as back. Acne laser treatment, anti-acne as well as anti-redness laser are some of the effective solutions which help in keeping the skin healthy and free of scars as well as acnes.

There are various renowned skin clinics which can help with suggesting the more specific type of skin treatment based on the skin type or the particular skin issue which you want to get corrected. Visiting these clinics and then consulting the specialists can help you getting the desired on-time treatment or the required suggestions.

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