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4 Reasons Why Functional Medicine Is The Future Of Healthcare

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Although there have been several advancements in emergency care and life saving surgeries, when it comes to longevity and chronic health problems, conventional healthcare seems to have a flawed approach. Functional medicine, on the other hand, offers a ray of hope by providing a resolution in order to maintain sustainable heath.

Nowadays, people are dubious about what functional medicine has in store and whether to try it or not. Functional medicine is an approach-based on biology wherein the focus is to identify and address the disease’s root cause. Its model came up when a group of thought leaders realised that an individualistic approach to a particular disease is required. The model was based on genomics, epigenetics, and nutritional science. These thought leaders were able to implement a new form of research that gave dramatic results to people who had previously undergone unsuccessful treatments. This research gave birth to functional medicine.

The future of functional medicine is bright because of the various advantages it offers.  Here are some reasons why functional medicine is the future of health care:

Customized health care

Suppose you have a disease in which you have to take mainstream medicine that everyone takes while suffering from that disease. This approach may work for you, or maybe it won’t. In other words, what works for someone else may not always work for you. Functional medicine is designed slightly differently. It works as a tailored program that treats your physiology as unique, and suggests a comprehensive health care program accordingly. Hence, doctors practicing functional medicines in India offer customized healthcare to the patients, which depends solely on the patient’s illness.

Doctors give more time to patients

Symptom care bogs down mainstream medicine. Due to this, every 6 months, you end up paying a visit to your doctor for a 5-minute consultation for your symptoms. This entire cycle is failing people who suffer from chronic health problems. This is where functional medicines prove to be advantageous. Functional medicine doctors in India give more time to the patient, and provide a treatment that’s well-suited to his/her chronic disease.

Address underlying dysfunctions

Mainstream medicine is crafted to control symptoms. On the other hand, functional medicines take care of the underlying body dysfunctions that initiate the symptoms in the first place. For instance, if a person has high blood sugar, he/she is given mainstream medications that in turn urge the pancreas to create more insulin in order to bring down the blood sugar. However, functional medicines look into the cause behind the high blood sugar in the person.

Functional medicines can also include natural treatments

Hippocrates, who is regarded as the father of modern medicine, once said that “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food”. Interestingly, food can be utilized as a medicine based on a particular condition, thus providing a natural treatment. Also, micronutrient medicines and herbs are used to deal with the underlying dysfunctions that are found in a lab, in order to promote a regular healthy function.

It is important to take note that even if a person tries out food and natural options; it may or may not work for him/her. Functional medicine needs to be tailored for a particular individual instead of serving as a substitute of mainstream medicine.

What you must also understand is that functional medicine is not against medication. In fact, it revolves around factors like providing the patient with the best possible option, one that carries the least amount of side effects with it.

Functional medicine in India, which is based on evidence, is a new age medicine that offers hope to a lot of individuals. And once the perception towards it improves for the better, it is bound to see even more penetration within the realm of mainstream healthcare.


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