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Inner Serv IconWhy is mental wellness important?

  • Maintaining good psychological health is crucial to living a healthy and long life.
  • Good mental well-being has been connected to a holistic physical wellness and thus a reduced spending on health.
  • Excessive anxiety can be a contributor to diseases like heart problems, ulcers, and colitis.
  • Over 8 Lakh people confer to suicide every year owing to mental disorders.
  • People facing mental disorders can impact their grades, work, relationships, self-esteem and ability to function in everyday life.
Mental Wellness
What is Mental Health


What is mental health?

  • Mental health comprises of one’s psychological, emotional and social well-being.
  • Mental Health is imperative at all stages of life and determines how we think, feel, act and react.
  • The prevalence of mental illness is widespread, with 1 in 4 people having diagnosable mental health issues worldwide.
  • Biological factors such as genes, life experiences like trauma or abuse and family history of mental illness might be the factors contributing to mental disorders.
  • Common mental illnesses extend from depression to anxiety, panic, bipolar and eating disorders.
How to Prevent


How to maintain good mental health?

  • Mental wellness is not merely mean the non-existence of a mental disorder.
  • Only a thorough mental assessment by an expert can address one’s emotional and psychological state of well-being.
  • Psychotherapy is a useful tool to explore and investigate thoughts, feelings, and behaviors when seeking to enhance an individual’s well-being.
  • A supportive family member or friend alongside an expert mental health care professional can guide one having mental disorders.


medical tests & full body analysis

  • A self-answered questionnaire assists in comprehending the state of mind of a patient and authenticates the severity or extent of problems.
  • Multiple tests are available like Depression Test, Anxiety Test, Bipolar Test, etc. which empowers the practitioner to discover the problem area.
  • Usually, one to one talking sessions aids in bringing out the suppressed thoughts and emotions that might be impacting the mental well-being unconsciously.
  • Biofeedback is additionally a significant tool to reveal feelings and emotions that directly have physiological changes in a subject.
Full Body Analysis
Mental Health Mentorship


mentorship from doctors

  • Mentoring of patients are done through Psychotherapy treatment, Spiritual counseling, Expressive therapies, and recreational activities.
  • Psychotherapy treatment by the practitioner includes several approaches like psychoanalysis and cognitive behavioral therapy to treat a mental illness.
  • Spiritual counseling can benefit people in gaining a better understanding of their problems and helps in developing a problem-solving attitude.
  • Expressive therapies involve art forms like music, dance, drama, and poetry as a way of healing one’s psych.
  • Healing is also promoted through active engagement which can be recreational or occupational.


24x7 Monitoring & Feedback

  • Monitoring the mental health time to time is as necessary as tracking one’s physical health.
  • Monitoring the mental health time to time is as necessary as tracking one’s physical health.
  • Mental health experts can help in tracking one's progress and assists in assessing the issues at the times of distress.
  • With regular therapeutic and restorative treatments, one can notice a difference in their overall health and quality of life.
Monitoring the mental health


pannel of experts doctor for Mental Health

Dr. Suresh Shottam

Member AHMA (American Holistic Medical Association)

Dr. Suresh Shottam

Dr. Suresh Shottam

Dr. Suresh Shottam is a practicing clinician, researcher, certified de-addiction therapist, wellness coach, author, speaker and lecturer, who has lived and worke...

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Dt. Manjari Chandra

MSc – Dietitics / Nutrition, Diploma in Hospital Administration, Wellness coach, Clinical Nutritionist for 20 years

Dr. Manjari Chandra

Dt. Manjari Chandra

Manjari’s passion for Nutrition Science and her versatility has enabled her to accomplish new heights in the field of health and nutrition. Having served as a ...

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Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

MBBS, PGDCD, DOSF Cosmetic Dermatologist & Wellness Specialist.

Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

Dr. Aarushi Passi Bhandari

Dr Aarushi Passi Bhandari, A Cosmetic Dermatologist and Wellness Specialist, with 7 years of Rich Association with leading Corporate Aesthetic chains, Private Cl...

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