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Tell Tale Signs of Early Stage Hair Loss and How to Prevent It


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In both men and women, the very thought of hair fall is embarrassing, so much so that people start to lose confidence when they find their hair becoming thin with time. A lot of people do not realize the rate at which hair are thinning until the low hair density over their heads becomes visible. Especially for women who love to care about their hair, hair thinning is a serious hair health concern to deal with. If you are just noticing a bit of hair shedding here and there, you may have felt their overall impression and thickness to be the same. But if excessive shedding of hair has started to occur, you are advised not to delay getting quality hair growth treatment.

Early Sign of Hair Loss – Thin Hair When Wet

It is not generally easy to determine hair loss in its early stages. Even more importantly, you cannot determine if hair loss is even occurring in your case. One of the early signs to look for is your hair density when wet. You can get a better picture of your hair loss condition with wet hair, as hair forms a clump when wet which allows you to see how much hair loss has already happened. As per recommendations of hair treatment experts, getting the required treatment in the early stages of hair fall is the most ideal solution to prevent balding.

What Causes Hair Thinning and What Can You Do About It

You can understand the process of hair thinning by the reduced ability of hair follicles to grow hair consistently. With this, hair starts to become shorter with time, and this eventually leads to balding if the individual has not opted for hair regrowth treatment.

Common causes of hair thinning include excessive stress, some traumatic injury a patient had once suffered with, hormonal imbalances, and others.

Just because you have found your hair becoming thin with time should not mean you have to live with them. There are reputable clinics offering hair growth treatment to help you get the lost confidence restored in life. Also, if you have seen early signs of hair loss, you can follow possible natural preventive ways to take good care of them.

Preventive Tips to Treat Hair Thinning

  • Start to Focus on Your Diet

If you have been consuming a diet full of unhealthy foods with fatty acids, carbonated beverages and alcohol, your blood may have unintentionally become more acidic. The acidic nature of blood is believed to be responsible for hair loss. So, you are advised to keep a check on food you consume in your entire 24 hour cycle to prevent hair loss. Whenever you opt for hair regrowth treatment by experts, you will surely be told about maintaining your diet as a part of the treatment.

  • Get Scalp Massaged Thoroughly

Hair thinning and loss also occurs because of the blocked blood circulation to hair follicles which becomes ill and ultimately die. An effective, indirect way to prevent hair thinning is to regularly get your scalp massaged with hair oils for improved blood flow in hair follicles.

  • Wash Your Hair Regularly

Unclean hair has a lot of sweat and dirt in it which needs to be washed regularly for hair health maintenance. People who do not wash their hair regularly and do not care if there is excess sweat and dirt in them are more prone to hair fall and balding. So, regular hair wash is important for hair fall prevention.

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