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Nutrients - Intelligent Ageing

Hello friends! I am What are Macro & Micro Nutrients?

Foods for Diabetes - Intelligent Ageing

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can wreak havoc ...

10 Super Foods for Diabetes
childhood obesity problem

Obesity is a chronic medical condition that affects...

Childhood Obesity: Causes and Consequences
Diet Myths & Realities - Intelligent Ageing

Hi, I am Dr. Manjari. I am the chief Nutritionist at Intelligent Ageing. Tod...

7 Top Diet Myths & Realities
anti-aging tips

As you grow older, every part of your body, from yo...

How to Reverse Aging Naturally?
Clinic Re-launch - Intelligent Ageing

The team at Intelligent Ageing wishes you all a warm welcome at its clinic at Lajp...

Look and Feel good all over again with Intelligent Ageing
Heart Failure Prevention

The term “heart failure” may make it sound like th...

Here’s What You Need to Know About Heart Failure & It’s Prevention
Get Rid of Diabetes

A persistent and widespread health issue, diabetes has been ailing people all acro...

How to Get Rid of Diabetes Naturally
Control Blood Sugar

A healthy lifestyle has far-ranging benefits, including current and long-term. A l...

How to Control Blood Sugar Naturally?