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How to Treat Mental Illness Without Medication?

Mental Illness

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Mental health has been a growing concern all across the globe. Often due to a lack of awareness about the reciprocity between mental ailments and other health disorders, the affliction of the prior is ignored. However, it is due to this very reason that it becomes necessary to explore means of battling the stigma, developing prevention, and encouraging effective involvements within the community.

Many people try out different drugs until they find the one that perfectly helps cure their problems. Such experimentation, not only proves harmful due to the side effects that some drugs come with, but also demoralizing.
Although mental illness does require professional care for proper treatment, yet there remain some things that you can include in your own treatment plan to help better.

Keys to Managing Mental Illness Other than Medication


As surprising as it may seem, a lot of what you eat also impacts your mental health greatly. Whereas an unhealthy diet can affect your brain and mood, drain energy, disrupt sleep and also decline immunity; a healthy, wholesome diet, rich in healthy fats and low in sugar can boost your energy levels, improve sleep and thus keep you at your best.
Some of the brain and mood boosting food to include in your diet are – nuts, fish, beans, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and so on.


Getting enough sleep is not a luxury, but a necessity. Cutting out even a few hours from your sleeping cycle disrupts your mental sharpness, energy and mood, and also worsens depression and anxiety. It is therefore important that you maintain consistent sleep cycles and avoid distraction like television or phone which might hamper it.

You must try to find natural ways to sleep better instead of depending on sleep medications as the latter can worsen mood fluctuations.


Many a times, prescription drugs and anti-anxiety medications have poor effects on patients. Such patients also find themselves at risks of poly-pharmacy with fewer benefits and a larger risk of escalating mental illness. You can take tests to check your detoxification capacities for diverse medications.

Detoxification is an important inclusion in various treatment and prevention programs for depression, PTSD, addictions and so on.

Quality of Life

Mental illnesses are less of chemical or functional issues and more a result of poor quality of life. Discontentment and neglect can often be the underlying reasons behind one’s falling quality of life. Your focus must therefore be on enhancing it by identifying your goals, learning new skills, and moving forward.
Taking up exercises, going on walks, and practicing meditation has a therapeutic effect on one’s overall well-being.

Social Support

Trying to battle mental illness on your own is not the way to go. Humans are social beings and despite all efforts, they need the company of their peers to feel and be their best. Face to face involvement with people you feel comfortable with, can give a good boost to your mental health and confidence. Reaching out to people is not burdensome; it in fact helps you create a good social support network.

Remember, mental illness is not just the absence of mental health. The inculcation of positive attitude is also a major part of it. As mentioned above, there are a lot of things that you can do to improve mental health. Get started on it right away.

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