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How is the Body Affected by Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary Heart Disease

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Dear Heart, stop getting involved in every matter. Your only responsibility is to pump blood, that’s it!! The heart is vital for keeping a person healthy. This muscular organ is responsible for making the circulatory system function correctly by pumping the oxygen rich blood and other nutrients to different parts of the body. It’s susceptibility to disorders and damages is just similar to other systems and organs too.

Coronary disease – intro

When a coronary artery gets damaged, a fatty substance which is also known as Plaque starts accumulating on the wall of arteries. This building up of plaque starts hardening of the arteries causes coronary heart disease, and which finally results in the restricted flow of blood. Once an artery gets blocked completely, a heart attack might occur. Irregular blood flow can show symptoms like chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, dizziness etc. It all differs from person to person however they remain identical in most of the cases.

The earliest, one identifies the coronary artery disease signs and symptoms, better are the possibilities of cure and survival. The precise diagnosis plays a crucial role in the treatment of a coronary heart disease. As it can tell the severity of the health issue and can suggest the essential lifestyle changes, which one needs to apply.

Is it just heart that gets affected?

It is not solely the heart that gets affected by the coronary disease, but it influences other body parts too. Below are few effects that can be noticed in one’s body in case one has fallen prey to coronary heart disease:

Metabolism – A small malfunction in the circulatory system can lead to issues with body’s metabolism as well. In most cases, metabolism is considered to be the most vulnerable process to get hit by malfunctions in any part of the body.

Brain – When the blockage in the arteries begins, the flow of blood gets disrupted, this could mean that the blood supply to the brain gets reduced; which can further lead to the occurrence of a stroke. If a stroke happens, the patient can face paralysis, difficulty in speech and severe weakness in the body.

Kidneys – When the provision of blood to the kidneys gets disrupted then the same can lead to kidney associated diseases and eventually can cause kidney failure.

Legs and Arms – Yet another consequence of coronary disease is immobility if the plaque builds up in arteries of legs and arms. And not treated properly then it does not only cause immobility but disability, ulceration, gangrene and amputation as well among the patients.

The way every individual is different from other; similarly, the condition and symptoms also vary from person to person. One thing that stays common is that incorrect or delayed treatment can be life threatening in almost every case.

When any organ or part of the body gets affected, it is bound to change the other ones too. A minimal deviation from the usual functioning can lead to unexpected and untreatable consequences so better stay proactive and continue enjoying a healthy life.

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