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9 Early Signs of Obesity

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Many people tend to confuse being overweight with obese. While being overweight can subsequently lead to obesity, it is not the sole cause of it. In fact, obesity is a hormonal disorder which can be hereditary as well. Although there is no fixed cause of obesity, it is mostly caused because of unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity can further lead to diabetes for which there is no treatment. Therefore, it is crucial for you to recognize the early signs of obesity before they become severe. Here is how you can do it.

Ache in the Knees

One of the earliest symptoms of obesity is the ache in the knees. In this, you may face a lot of difficulty while walking. It is normal for you to surmise that it is because you are walking too much. However, if you have aching knees despite not walking a lot, it will be wise to see your doctor and get it checked.

Back Ache

Reasons to experience back ache are many. It can occur because of an accident or a bad fall. The busy and sedentary lifestyle is also one of the key reasons for majority of people experiencing back aches. However, if you rule out these causes and you still have an aching back, it may be because of obesity.


If you constantly feel tired or face breathlessness after doing little physical work, your body’s health may be leading towards obesity. Accumulation of fat near the neck and chest can lead to breathlessness as it makes difficult for the air to easily flow in and out of the lungs.


Obese people find it difficult to perform their daily activities, and get tired quickly. One of the reasons for it is heartburn. Most people keep their medicines stocked to relieve them from heartburns. However, if the heartburn is chronic and the medicines are unable to treat it, it is time to see your doctor.


Snoring is caused because of the vibration of soft tissue in your neck and throat while breathing. If a person has been snoring for a long while, obesity can further worsen the snoring. In several cases, obesity increases the risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea, especially if the person has a lot of fat around their neck.

Varicose Veins

Obesity weakens the vessel walls. This leads to abnormal, dilated blood vessels called Varicose Veins, which are visible on the skin. These look like small, red veins mostly visible around neck and thigh. They are often high in number and indicate that it is time to consult a doctor.

Skin Problems

Obesity also causes several skin problems. It causes change in hormones and can cause dark and velvet areas around the neck and body folds. Furthermore, stretching of the skin leads to stretch marks.

Irregular Periods

In women, obesity increases the risk of infrequent periods, absence of periods, absence of ovulation, and long or heavy period. This is primarily caused because of the extra fat which disturbs the balance of the hormones in your body.

High Blood Pressure

Obesity is a disorder which can lead to diabetes, hypertension, and increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. More than half the people suffering from obesity complain of high blood pressure which subsequently leads to hypertension.

Having mentioned some important early signs of obesity, you will now be able to recognize them easily. If you or someone you know faces more than one of these problems, you can visit Intelligent Ageing. Intelligent Ageing provides natural and effective obesity treatment in Delhi.

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