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7 Top Diet Myths & Realities

Diet Myths & Realities - Intelligent Ageing

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Hi, I am Dr. Manjari. I am the chief Nutritionist at Intelligent Ageing. Today, I am going to share with you the Top 7 Myths and Realities around Dieting. Before that, I hope you have watched my 1 minute video on Diet Myths that has become popular on YouTube. If not, I am sharing it here. Check it out.

In here I have tried hard to give a reality check to these 7 myths.

Myth 1: Fasting makes you lose weight.

Fasting may help in short term, but in the long run, it will create an obstacle in the path of weight loss. Fasting eliminates not only fat, but it will also exclude lean muscle and tissue which ultimately results in fall of basal metabolic rate (this is the energy required by our brain, heart, kidney and other organs to make us alive, while we are taking rest).

Myth 2: Nutritional diet is all about control diet.

Many people believe that eating a nutritional or healthy diet means eating less. But the actuality is entirely different; Nutritional diet says eating a balanced diet, which contains all the required nutrients needed for a healthy living.

Myth 3: People who eat less or slim are healthier.

Our society is so obsessed with body sizes. Wherever we watch, people start telling being slim is healthy. Thanks to the rising awareness this myth begins busting!

Researches show that people who are overweight but active and taking proper diets are healthier than to those who perform less or no physical activities and consume junk foods. Each of us is having different body structures, and we should start focusing more on eating right, than concentrating on our sizes.

Myth 4: Fatty foods result in instant weight gain.

Weight gain is not a one-day affair, to get a 1 pound of weight you need to consume 3500 calories. For putting your weight in control, always balance your fat-rich foods with nutrient-rich foods and physical activities.

Myth 5: Intake of low-fat foods not necessarily meaning you will lose weight.

In general, people make a mistake of considering low-fat foods as low calories foods.  It is not always necessary, that’s why it is always suggested to check the calorie count of each product before consuming.

Myth 6: Eating smaller and frequent meals raises metabolism.

Food intake size has an almost zero effect on metabolism. Some foods, which include caffeine increases metabolic rate temporarily. The thing which affects basal metabolic rate (BMR), is the number of calories burned by the body when it is at rest. And it is directly proportionate to the size of the body. Big bodies always burn more calories.

Myth 7: You will gain weight if you skip breakfast.

Having breakfast help in managing appetite throughout the day and assists you in not consuming unhealthy snacks. There is no documented scientific study available which will prove to skip the morning meal results in weight gain.

Learning about the differences between the facts and myths help you in living a healthy life. In Intelligent ageing, our professionals increase your awareness regarding healthy eating. A good diet is a diet which is a right mix of everything which your body requires to be robust, healthy and develops strong immune system.”

If you wish to know more what is right for you and what is not you can book an appointment, please call @ 91-9899-022-703.

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